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Bike Suggestions - Similar to Ducati ST3

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Sounds like you have enjoyed your ST3. I vote for sticking with the Duc. Why move to an '07 from the '05?

Triumph will save you some cash and give you a bunch more ponies under the hood. The VFR is a favorite but just doesn't have the Ducati flair.
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I'm with Fenton on this. Why you selling an '05 unless you have a pile of miles on it?

The VFR doesn't have the torque of the Duc. The Triumph would be tempting if you just want something different.
The centerstand can be removed. My St4 doesn't have one and I have no idea where it is.

It saves you about 10 lbs too.
Ahhhhh the old crash it on the test ride, sell him a new one trick.

Oldest trick in the book.
Re: Mayors Choose Seattle as America's Most Liveable City

KWalterMitty is also known as KNon sequitur
Re: Mayors Choose Seattle as America's Most Liveable City

I live in SD not KMitty. Since I am one of the grand poobas of the GPTB, you are actually required to visit and bring gifts.

I hope non of you are planning to have guacamole at your Superbowl Parties cuz it's so freakin' cold right now the Avos are freezing.
Re: Mayors Choose Seattle as America's Most Liveable City

That's why it's called Global Climate Change now and not Global Warming.

Any weather anomaly can be blamed on evil SUVs.

That and every time AlGore shows up to give a Global Warming speech, the town he is in has a record cold snap.
1 - 6 of 91 Posts
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