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Bike Suggestions - Similar to Ducati ST3

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Sounds like you have enjoyed your ST3. I vote for sticking with the Duc. Why move to an '07 from the '05?

Triumph will save you some cash and give you a bunch more ponies under the hood. The VFR is a favorite but just doesn't have the Ducati flair.
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That would be my choice, or if I really wanted to go broke, a new K1200 GT,

I'll probably cheap out and buy a used Bandit and stick my tank bag on it..
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Have to agree with a prior poster, nice to have such a difficult decision. :) I have a '01 VFR and would highly recommend one. The V-four sound, improved comfort and outstanding build and reliability make it a real keeper. Having rode a ST3 on demo, my impressions where that the Duke had slightly better torque, but still didn't like pulling below 3k, just like the VFR. The ST3 is more nimble and sporty, and also has the hard luggage and sounds that only an Italian sportbike can make. (Church music with the right pipes. ) However the VFR is more refined and comfortable. It also sounds incredible with a nice slip-on to hear the V-4 cadence, like a muscle car. The only problem is that the new model has the VTec system which has had mixed reviews. Many owners love the new model though. Had to write in to support the Viffer, but if I had the choice, I would keep the ST3 and spend the dollars on some nice accessories, ie: pipes, comfort seat, etc, etc, etc. Best to you with your decision. Cheers.
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Yep OK just because you are single...doesn't mean you have to rub in the fact that you get to spend money on things like a new bike.. I want a bike to commute on and bike to race on or twisty blast. I have to convince the wife that we can get by on 3 cars and 2 bikes instead of 4 cars and bike. Save my Ninja for track stuff i.e. add frame sliders etc. and cruise on the freeway to work on a beautiful Concours in the HOV lane.. If I could I buy a GSXR-750 or wait for the new Honda CBR800 V-4..
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ducati vs. honda vs. triumph

I have owned an st2, a sprint rs and i now have an 05 viffer. While I will probably hold on to the viffer the longest it is my least favorite bike of the 3. the rs and the st3 were each more fun to ride than the viffer. the triumph was coldstone reliable on top of that.

I am not a huge fan of duc's especially for certain applications.

on the street, not so much because they break all the time, but because I never quite could get to where it always worked. like a micro switch would go out and it would take ten days to get one. that sort of thing.

but if you got on with your st3, i think you will be happiest with another one.

In my opinion the vfr works for a rider who wants a bike that just works well, without being great at anything. on the viffer, i never think about the bike, just the ride.

on a duc i find i think about the bike a lot. some days that's really cool. some days its a pita.
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I would have to look hard at the Tiger. Come to think of it, I guess I would have to wait a few months to see what the new Guzzi 1200

Sport looks like with bags, no? You are crazy not to take a serious look at the Tiger, that's my pick of the comfy, fast, multi-function, touring, way cool universe with bags.
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I think you hit it right on the button the first time out. If you have the cash, I hear the Aprilia is a little more comfy, but if you're satisfied with the ST-3, you could just get a 'comfort' seat for a bit more squish and maybe one of them fancy program upgrades that make them run a little better. A friend of mine did that to his ST-4 and ended up with more horsepower and got quite a bit better gas mileage, which is nice on long trips. You might be money ahead just doing some of that kind of stuff to your 05, unless they have made some improvements I'm not aware of in the past year.

PS- U hear Metzler M-3s work real good with them.
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