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What he said. Go two-smoke. You'll never look back.

I see that '05-06 YZ250's, with the cool aluminum frame are going for $2500. I need one baaaaaaad.

"What do you think about a CRF 250 R?"

Here's a honda Blurb that sums it up:

"It follows the 450's lead in featuring a compact, weight-saving single-overhead-cam design. Its bump stick directly actuates a pair of titanium intake valves and a forked rocker arm to open steel exhaust valves. A forged, 12.9:1, slipper-style piston does its business inside a Nikasil-lined cylinder. A flat-slide, 37mm Keihin with a throttle-position sensor takes care of mixing chores. Lightweight and efficient, a twin-sump lubrication system-which has its pump built into the vertically split cases-has separate oil supplies for the power-producing components (crankshaft, piston and valve train) and the power delivery components (clutch and 5-speed transmission). More important from an everyday standpoint are the CRF's internal, auto-decompression system that makes for simple kick starting, a gear-driven counterbalancer to quell the little Thumper's vibes and rubber-mounted handlebar to ease fatigue."

Meaning that you'll get 30-35 hours of hard riding out of it, before it hatches and costs big $$$ to repair.
Since you're on a budget, get the 250cc two stroke. Remember, they race 250 4 strokes in what use to be the 125 class. And a 250 2 stroke is a breeze to kick over.
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