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Number 1 Know your limitations(goes for men and women) I started on a EX 500 then upgraded to a CBR 600 F4, I just got a new GSXR 750.

Number 2 If you can't pick the bike up you shouldn't be riding it, hell my 750 weighs less than 400 lbs.(once again goes for men and women)

Number 3 If a woman is riding a motorcycle to prove a point rather than riding for pure enjoyment then she doesn't understand what it's all about.

Number 4 I recommend riding dirtbikes first like I did, wrecking those isn't nearly as costly and it's actually expected to wreck once in a while. It's a great way to learn riding a motorcycle, although women on dirtbikes is possibly more scarce.

Number 5 If you can't do basic maintenance on your bike it's your own fault for being robbed by mechanics.
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