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I hope that once they complete the penalty period of two years these guys take up riding again. All they need to do is get bikes that are still fun but at less offending speeds.

I sold my Valkyrie and my wife’s VFR because it was so much fun and so EASY to go fast on them. I was known to hit a buck 25 on the Valk while passing cars and the VFR, well it was just so comfortable at a buck 20 that I would often not realize I was going that fast.

My Harley will stop accelerating at 115 and the ST1100, while still illegal, catches me zipping along at 90 before I think oops and drop it down to 70. No they're not Valks or Viffers but I don't get in as much trouble either.

What can I say; they were time machines which transported me back to 17 years old and immortal every time I rode them. I still have my time machines now but when they offend at least I’m not going to jail. I still plan on getting a track bike to take to the Hallett Speedway for the real thrill. I think I might be able to handle a Ninja 250 but then my wife said I look like an elephant humping a peanut when I rode one so my ego will keep me off of that. Hmm… maybe an SV650. :)

1 - 2 of 73 Posts
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