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Biker jailed for 157mph ride in U.K.

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"He informed the police and both men voluntarily attended Milton Keynes police station where they admitted being the riders of the motorbikes, exceeding the speed limit and driving in a manner that could be dangerous."

Rule #1 for beating a speeding ticket: never admit guilt. You don't even have to lie, just don't say anything. I really don't see how they were able to identify the license plates of these guys at 150MPH anyway.

Jail time for speeding is ridiculous. You might be booked for reckless driving in the USA, but there's almost no way you will do time for a first offense unless you insult the judge or something.

Speed limits, especially for freeways, suck. The speed limit for a young man on a ZX-12 should not be the same as for an 85-year old driving a Mercury Medicare sled. I don't care what anybody says and what their reasons are, speed limits suck. They're mostly used as a revenue generating device anyway.
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Yes, the government should take more of our money. Why don't you write them a check right now??
Guilty. Guess that's the great thing about these track days. I'm in the process of 'gloriously misspending' my youth right now, and while 'speed kills,' and my intellect tells me riding (or driving) fast is dangerous, my passion keeps the throttle pinned a little longer than is legal. I'll admit to being on an just excursion last weekend and finding a long, sweeping highway turn that looked lonely. I'll admit my little suzuki indicated a buck-thirty-two.

Anyone I've known 'round here who's been caught with Big Speed has had to walk home, pay some impound fees, and have a nasty ticket... but not jail time. Methinks that pair should be punished, but that's a little far.

Fastest speed ever recorded on British roads? Wow. Those brits don't get out much.

Now I don't know too much about Europe from personal experience (sadly), but I do know a few things and have a few opinions. First of all, speed limits in the left lane of freeways are ridiculous ways to slow traffic and generate revenue... and also that in Germany, spain (at least de facto), and Italy (I believe), there are plenty of speed-derestricted zones.

These two need to just take more road trips, I think. As for us Americans? Hrm.
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After you,

If you did some research you would no doubt know that they had pictures of the license plates (look at MCN website)and that you do yourself a whole heaps of favors (or favours) in the UK if you admit wrongdoing. Had they fought it and been found guilty they probably would have been staring at 6 months in the slammer. Please, before you pass judgement engage brain and be sure of your statements. My two pence worth.

See you at Brands
I'm with you on this one Abe. Traffic courts which seemingly operate under the Code Nepoleon are definitely not what our forefathers had in mind for our justice system. It is good that you pay no mind to piffling whiners who beg for protection from the great nanny state. Bring back Commom Law, where there is no crime without an injured party. Yours in Liberty VWW
I have a zx12 and it would only take a short burst......I run the 1/4 mile in [email protected]+/-

Give me the sweet spot of 2nd gear at moderately fast highway speeds and I can get to the top of third gear (approx 150 mph) in a 5+/- second burst...

Unless you own or have ridden a modern "hyperbike" like the Busa or zx12....It is hard to appreciate how rapidly you can get yourself in deep doo-doo
Seruzawa, If these two were doing 157 mph on the autobahn this wouldn't even be a news story. Apparently the Germans do not think these speeds on some public roads are a danger to society. I think that the automatic issuing of drivers licenses to octogenarians presents a far greater danger to those that use our highways than a few speeding motorcyclists. My own grandfather, who parked is Rambler using the braille method with his bumpers, was mailed a five year extension to his license when he was in his late eighties. He died three weeks later. Don't be so quick to condem these young men for exceeding the government mandated speed limit. You and I were young once, and if we had bikes capable of those speeds I'm fairly sure that both of us would have satified our curiosity about their top speed at least once. VWW
What I'm saying is that he made it sound like he just rolled the throttle on for a second or two without shifting. I know these things accelerate quickly, but it's not like it instantly gets up to those sort of speeds while using the power to pass trucks.
Let's see, several posters (probably poseurs) seem to have a problem with the rule of law. Several say jail the idiots. I must be somewhere in between. I generally cruise the slabs at around 80 (on my E-Glide or K1200LT), just to stay alive. I try to NOT ride my sideacar rig on the slab for the same reason, but have to sometimes just to get where I need to go! I personally HAVE NO PROBLEM AT ALL with jailing people for doing over twice the legal limit. Damn guys. they weren't just being stupid, they were endangering everyone around them. You don't think a motorcycle doing 160 or wouldn't just punch right through a windsheild if the idiot lost control! Guess kiling folks in stupid accidents is ok with some folks. I can hear the posts now, 'But that didn't happen'. Right, this time....

Thinking while riding it a good thing, admitting you were speeding is a stupid thing, getting caught and then admitting is really stupid and deserves jail time!

By the way, Brits don't have ALL the same rights in court that we do, keep that in mind...but then again, at the rate we are going, we don't (or won't) have all those rights anymore either.

Like one poster said, it is the perception of motorcyclists that screws us everytime!

WAKE UP! If you think what these idiots were doing i perfectly ok, you aren't part of the problem, you are the problem (right up there with the loud pipes save lives yo-yos, that's right a Harley rider just said that....)

BigJames, who actually rode his motorcycle to work today (this is Ride Your Bike To Work Day isn't it?)....but I do that everyday....
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England last I checked was under Common Law, they invented it.
It was the fastest speed recorded on British roads because when those guy's want to jam they go over to Spain or Germany and do it there. I got a buck forty out of my Bandit going over the pass.
You make some good points Half the time we are our own worst enemys, be it loud pipes or ******* behaviour like triple digits in traffic.

I would have rode my bike to work today but I skipped out to do some yard work (my other hobby), I'll ride the other 364 days this year (and every year) to make up for it.

Better check again. True common law does not recognize an act as a crime unless there is an injured party. What you have in England today is not recognizable as commom law. It more resembles the court of the exchequer of the king. VWW
Awww, go easy on yourself. That was just an indicated 150+, which on the Uber-Hawk was probably more like 147, which is a perfectly sensible and rational speed.
I've seen 135 on my Magna on my way to a friends house one day. Went 90ish miles in just over an hour. Course it was on the lonely straight(read:BORING) highways in SD.
And on the autobahn you would be quite right. However on a fairly crowded road with a substantially lower speed limit things are completely different. I don't know what the speed limit is on the "busy A412" but I'll bet it's more like 60 mph.

At a differential speed of 80 mph the bike begins to resemble a kinetic energy weapon.

I agree with you that our national max of 75mph on Interstates, especially through places like Nebraska or Wyoming or Nevada east of Vegas or Tahoe, are ridiculously low.

However speeding like that through traffic travelling at say 50 mph is simply criminally irresponsible. Fortunately for me during my younger and stupider days my old Ksaki W2650 only topped at about 100.

And if you wish to start a new political party for the purpose of ridding the roads of half-blind octegenarians you've got my vote! In fact, I'll move to Florida and give you 5 votes!!
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Re: Bikers responsible for anti-moto laws.

I understand your sentiment, but the lack of entry level bikes in the 300-400cc area is due to the refusal of the public to buy them. It's not because the manufacturers refuse to build them. Get out of the US and there are loads of smaller bikes available.

In the US people either want 100-150HP sport replicas or overweight cruisers or a few naked streetbikes. Nothing else sells.
Well on that Interstate you have to run at 125 just to keep from falling asleep.

I shudder when I think of droning across Wyoming on I-80 with Nixon's stupid 55MPH speed limit.
Answering our own posts now, are we?

Must be the fumes from those burning zeners.
Not that I condone what these two did, but those crying about the immense damage done by a bike at 150mph need to be introduced to Mr Physics. Mr Physics says a 750lb bike (say 550lb wet + 200 rider) going 150mph generates approximately 35% of the energy of a 4500 lb SUV travelling at 70mph. By your logic, if a bike doing 150mph is insane, then we should restrict SUV's to well under 25mph.

I realized that's grossly simplistic, but the point is there.

That said, I think going 150mph on the street is stuuuupid. Not so much for the direct threat you pose to other people, but because it'll take the road crews for ever to find all your body bits when you bin it, causing inordinate amount of traffic delays and backups for more intelligent people.

I actually own a ZX-12R, and can barely crack 140mph on a track (balls too small). I did Ludicrous Speed exactly once on public roads, in the middle of a desert state I shall not mention, but I don't feel particular smart about doing it.

Seeing the damage done at slower get offs mades me think real hard about the impact of hitting a rock or pothole at triple digit speeds.

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