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Definition 1:

F*cking Illinois Bastards –

Just pronounced as fib by Wisconsinites referring to people from Illinois, how they drive and act. They drive really fast at home but slower than an old lady with a walker when they’re vacationing in Wisconsin and don’t know were they’re going.

In Use:

I got cut off by some FIB while I was driving on the I.

Definition 2:

F*cking Illinois Bastards or occasionally, F*cking Illinois B!tches. Shortened to the acronym "FIB."

It is an unkind term used by Wisconsinites to refer to the residents of Illinois. Common times to use this are:

1. In reference to how Illinoians Drive - very fast and offensive.

2. Their vacationing choices - Wisconsin Dells and Lake Geneva.

3. Bears Fans

In Use:

1. That FIB f*cking cut me off on 894!

2. FIBs are taking over the whole state in the summer!

3. When was the last time those FIBS won, 1985?

1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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