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In SoCal, where the weather permits year round riding, a motorcycles full potential can be used if commuting is it's primary use as is my case.

I ride 100 miles round trip daily on a Buell XB and find myself frequently having to split lanes because of heavy traffic buildup with the vehicle flow resembling a accordion. The sudden stops can be deadly to a unprotected 2 wheeler as the distracted driver behind may react too late to avoid slamming into the rider.

I have been lane splitting for over 40 years and any close encounters of the worst kind have been rare, it requires 100% focus on what everyone is doing and being prepared for sloppy driving.

If lane splitting is disallowed in CA I will most likely commute in a car as the only real advantage a motorcycle has is it's maneuverability; the fuel mileage, maintenance cost or comfort do not put a motorcycle at any great advantage over a automobile.
1 - 2 of 40 Posts
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