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Bikes beat Cars in Editor's charity challenge

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If this were a no holds barred event, I'd take the CR80.
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They shoulda raced around the track. Then we'da seen the CR80 beat the dragster!
Hey I submitted this yesterday.

"While you're at it, notice the sportbike kicked the cruiser in 0-60. "

That was my comment as well. You guys (Sean and staff) have reached new lows in the old ***** off KPaul thing.....

Oh well someone has to give MO material might as well be me.


The Great Motorcycle Prophet.

P.S. The staff member who posted it is probably the same statistical genius who tried to lecture me on statistics who was totally wrong by the way
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Re: Hey I submitted this yesterday.

It would be one thing if it was actually your material that they weren't giving you credit for; this is nothing but a link. Big deal. Hell, they might have found it before you how can you be sure?
My Capt K-Y comment is how I know.

Because of the comment about the sportbike beating the cruiser in 0-60. My exact comment was "Hey Capt K-Y notice that the sportbike beat the cruiser from 0-60" Also I found the link on what of Sean's arch rivals web site i.e. notice who the sportbike team was. I am sure Sean and the staff don't look at
Re: My Capt K-Y comment is how I know.

Kpaul, my friend, the staffer who posted this wasn't the same "statistical genius". It was me.

I left out the "Captain K-Y" comment because I would like to see a kinder, gentler, MO community forum. Just like I would never post something that was derogatory written about you, such as "Kpaul the dipstick," or "Kpaul the Kook." What other staffers may do and post is up to their discretion, and fortunately when I find something I'd like to post, I am afforded the right to use my own discretion to clean things up should I choose.

Furthermore, I would be more motivated to leave in such petulant, grade-school, name-calling, if the post wasn't "anonymous." If a person is being called out, he should know by whom. You don't need to post anonymously in the hope that just because it's Kpaul posting it won't get put up.

We do look at Sportrider, and I myself am quite a fan of their site and publication. We keep abreast of every site we can, not just because they are our competition, but because we are motorcycle enthusiasts.

I don't want to get in a pissing match with you, because unlike the majority of this forum, I like you and consider you a friend. But please, Kpaul, chill out a bit. We are all motorcyclists and we are in the minority. Find cause for solidarity, not for division.
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Re: My Capt K-Y comment is how I know.

Are you telling me it was posted under anonymous?
Re: My Capt K-Y comment is how I know.

Uh nevermind

(egg on face, foot in mouth...)


I feel I am in a SouthWest Airline commerical and some voice is about to say "Want to get away"

I'll leave out the deragotory comments. I just thought is was a cool contest.
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Re: My Capt K-Y comment is how I know.

Not to open this can of worms again, but I never contested that cruisers would beat sportbikes 0-60, only in 60-0 and roll-ons from town speeds.
Re: My Capt K-Y comment is how I know.

One other thing, it flat out amazes me that a GSX-R1000 is only .2 seconds faster 0-60 than a 1992 Harley FXR. Talk about 2 opposite ends of the spectrum.
Re: My Capt K-Y comment is how I know.

No worries, bro. It really is a cool contest.

Reader submissions are a big part of MO. It helps build community, and I encourage you (and everybody else) to keep posting things you find of interest and relevance. Of course, I can't guarantee that it will get posted, but at the very least your participation is important and very much appreciated.

Safe riding and good vibes, my friend.
As sarNellie would say

You are really splitting hairs now. So is that the famous 15-30 mph rollon test. (snicker).
Re: My Capt K-Y comment is how I know.

I would suspect that the GSXR has had a lot less upgrading than the Harley.
Re: My Capt K-Y comment is how I know.

Cap'M I llike you man, but I think I need to point a few things out to you:

That 1,400+ cc "Harley" had a built-to-the-hilt motor with aftermarket internals and a horn button that triggers a healthy shot of nitros. Even with the extensive modifications, it was well over a second and nearly 20mph slower in the quarter mile than that mostly stock GSXR (which only had a pipe and power comander). In fact, that modified Harley's quarter mile times were still slower than a current bone-stock 600cc sportbike. -Sean
Hooray for Racerboy

Finally the real expert in these matters (Racerboy) speaks. Better late than never.
hmmm, a 1992 FXR! A 12 year old bike smoked the cars and almost kept up with the sport bike. I would be very careful about bragging too much on the sport bike versus cruiser thing. Imagine what a V-Rod would have done in the same test (in the same state of tune that FXR must have been tweaked too). But at least we all agree - CARS SUCK.....
Re: As sarNellie would say

well you are splitting hairs, K.

All he said was that riding around town, typically in a higher gear at lower RPMs a cruiser would still be in it's torque curve, while a 600 would not.

You're the one who turned it into a cruisers are faster than sportbikes s**t-storm,

get your facts straight, there young feller'
How come you have a U-W e-mail address when you work for Large Chicago Based Aerospace and Defense Corp.?

Are you trying to put on airs?
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