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Bikes beat Cars in Editor's charity challenge

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If this were a no holds barred event, I'd take the CR80.
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"Which part of the Democrats' campaign are you involved in?...Shooting firearms at those offices?...Are you the guy who took a Bush/Cheney sign from the 6 year old girl and tore it up?"
Not to undermine your rant, but you might want to google on Phil Parlock. He's the one that reported the torn sign held by the small child on his shoulders -- three different torn signs at three different demonstrations. He was also there when the bullet struck the campaign office. Of course he could be a serial victim, but seems kinda suspicious doesn't it?

Hat's off to him though -- the torn sign was a masterful bit of theater. Has nothing to do with the war on terror, civil liberties, taxes, missing WMD, or anything else of concern, but good theater.
1 - 1 of 92 Posts
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