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Bikes beat Cars in Editor's charity challenge

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If this were a no holds barred event, I'd take the CR80.
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Re: Why Kerry is going to win. The Great Motorcycle Prophet speaks

Funny how the thought police are acutally the same group of people who profess to be "enlightened." George Orwell had it right, even though the left likes to claim him as its champion. The truth is that Orwell wouldn't agree with them on much.

If you can get it around your area, listen to AirAmerica. It's far more frigtening than right-wing radio. They claim that anyone who isn't a liberal isn't the aforementioned "enlightend" or "evolving." Sounds a bit like Newspeak to me.

Living in New York, I have quite a bit of experience with some pretty hard-core left-wingers. The most offensive thing about them is that they feel free to interject their beliefs into any discussion--with little regard as to whether it's appropriate--as if they have a moral obligation to do so. If you disagree with them, they treat you as if you are stupid at best, and a facist devil at worst. That doesn't seem to jive with the open-mindedness and tolerance that they preach.

The wolf is usually in the sheep's clothing.

Oh, and of course the Dems are mining the college campuses for votes. They've been growing little minions there for years. Now that they need them, it's time to harvest. College is one of the least openminded places you could ever be.
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Re: Why Kerry isn't going to win. The Great Motorcycle bozo speaks

What really scares me is the army of lawyers that have been mobilized to file lawsuits in order to have the election contested should it be close in key states. In fact, they're already filing suits now.

And the worst part is that we will now have an international body monitoring our Presidential election. These bodies are normally employed to monitor elections in third-world emerging democracies. Have some of us completely lost our frakin' minds?

If people can't grasp the implications of having an "international" organization influencing our elections, I fear we're completely sunk.
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