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Bikes beat Cars in Editor's charity challenge

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If this were a no holds barred event, I'd take the CR80.
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Imagine what that sportbike could have done with that much invested in it!
Re: Why Kerry is going to win. The Great Motorcycle Prophet speaks

How many demonstrations have you been to lately? or are you getting your information from those liers we like to call "news" casters?

As for the Deamoncratic campaign I will quote the great David Burne " Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever waaaaasss"

"They will eventually learn, though, that generalized violence won't be as safe for them as stealing flyers from 6 year olds and throwing paint on elderly women in fur coats. Most of them are bad marksmen." Yea, attack someone that has no way of winning against you. (the American way)

Kpaul got it going agian, maybe he is a prophet!
Re: Why Kerry is going to win. The Great Motorcycle Prophet speaks

I didn't know that I was comparing merits of any parties, nor do I consider myself a "lefty" what ever that is.

I also hope that you did't think I was calling you a "loonie" because you thought I was accusing you of being a "non-lefty". Clearly you could be called "caring and comopassionate" in certian circles.

I just had my panties in a bind because I came home from work yesterday to see history in baseball and I couldn't even watch it because every commercial that came on was telling me how many mothers Goerge Bush had raped, and how many babys John Kerry had brutalized in threre lives. That got me going becuase at work a 5th grader asked me why we can only vote for two people that do all these mean and bad things. I didn't know how to answer that one.

SORRY BAD DAY. at least the yankees lost!

I do find it funny that you complain about a tactic by using that tactic. oxi-MO-ron

" And I've been to quite a few rallies and such over the years thank you very much. I went to two at the Utah State Capitol this year. One lefty rally and one parent's rights rally. You see, the lefties have taken control of these State Agencies that now destroy families and put thousands of children on dangerous psychiatric drugs. Your children can be taken from you without even a hearing or a warrant on the basis of an anonymous complaint - a pure creation of the social engineers, much beloved by the lefties. And every single child so taken is sent to a shrink where they are labelled mentally ill and placed on drugs. 100%! So, you can engage in your BS."

I work with kids and also see what you are saying.

How does that make it O.K. for me to engage in B.S. What B.S. did I engage in?
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