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Bikes beat Cars in Editor's charity challenge

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If this were a no holds barred event, I'd take the CR80.
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So, the Kook is a govt employee after all.

Why am I not surprised? I knew that he was too ill-mannered to ever survive in a real job.
Re: My Capt K-Y comment is how I know.

If you simply look at the 0-60 times in the mags you'll see that most bikes run 0-60 around 3-4 seconds. Those mag times are gotten by a small light pro rider with many many runs of experience. Those differences are far less important than the ability of each individual rider. A poor launch will lose you far more than that 1/2 sec. difference.

Spend a few hours practicing and you'll find yourself able to stuff most ninjaboys with an XB12 - no sweat.
I have both. If you send me mail to the UW address it will forward to my Boeing account. It goes through several filters and security measures. i.e. So if you send a threating letter .....

I work during the day and go to grad school at night. I though you guys knew that.
I thought you fought crime and battled the forces of evil at night
Why on earth would I send a "threating letter" to you?

For one thing I don't dislike you, and besides, all you'd have to do is look up my name on the company e-mail and come over here and....I don't know.. give me a Michael Douglas flex, or throw a tankbag full of magazine road tests at me or something.

Us GPTB types have to watch ourselves these days, we're not getting any younger ya' know.
Imagine what that sportbike could have done with that much invested in it!
I saw that guy on the news last night. That's funny ****e.
I am working... my job is to operate boilers... the boilers are operating, ergo I'm doing my job.

Besides I get off at 1400 so *****-it
He's taking remedial spelling.
Cars versus bikes?

Hmmm. Cars versus bikes.

OK, there are some cars that raise my pulse. But's like Cindy Crawford versus my Aunt Millie. Cindy can walk faster than my Aunt Millie can run and looks much better while she's doing it.

The only car of this bunch that was interesting to me was the 72 Nova.
My son moved to your State last year. He's thinking about going to college there, but I'm going to warn him to stay away from the Uof W. I mean, if they allow someone as stupid and illiterate and incapable of logical thinking as Kook onto a grad level course of study then Lord only knows just how poor of an education the undergrads are getting.
Which part of the Democrats' campaign are you involved in? The burglarizing of pubbie campaign offices? Shooting firearms at those offices? Are you the guy who tried to shoot Toby McGuire's tour bus driver? Are you giving crack out to druggies in return for fraudulent voter registrations? Are you the guy who runs around at night stealing the pubbies' campaign signs off of front lawns? Are you the guy who took a Bush/Cheney sign from the 6 year old girl and tore it up? Do you makeup Edward's loonie claims like that the lame will rise up and walk miraculously if Kerry is elected? Are you working those pro-Kerry phone banks that are working out of Cuba? Or are you a bagman for the Hungarian scumbag moneychanger, George Soros?

don't see anything like his name in the UW directory, searching on "paul" and "cook".

Closest match to my eye is one "Paula K. Royalty". I'd say that's probably our kpaul. (LMAO) For the bazillionth time, I call bullshiat.
Why Kerry is going to win. The Great Motorcycle Prophet speaks

Wow smokin that was good seruzaWacko. Slow day in Zion? I am working on getting college kids registered. So far we have registered quite a few kids. Overwelming they support Kerry. So KPaul is going to go out on a limb and say that the polls are wroing and that Kerry will win. Why? cause noone polls these new voters. There are alot of pissed off people who have registered for the first time. So mark my words Kerry will win like Clinton did. He will win before the polls in California close.... Repubs are underestimating the youth and minority registering.
[*]UW according to US News World Report and the Princeton Review is ranked in the top 10 of public universities. [*] It's not a minor league school lik San DeEggo State, BYU, Utah, or Utah State seruzaWacko.[*] Especially the engineering college. [*] Remember Boeing and Microsoft are here. [*]Which means a lot of kids who grow up here, have parents that are engineers, programmers etc. [*] Washington State and Seattle in particular has one of the highest levels of college educated voters in the country.[*] Could that be the reason Kerry will win WA state so easily ?
mail me something you idiot

Mail me something. UW evening students aren't in the directory.
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