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Bikes beat Cars in Editor's charity challenge

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If this were a no holds barred event, I'd take the CR80.
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Re: As sarNellie would say

No kidding, I never saw anyone here contend that a sportbike wouldn't win a dragrace. Furthermore, KP hasn't mentioned braking distances measured in that test, long contended to be a part of the safety equation as well. Funny, that.
eBay Propaganda Charity

MOre eBay propaganda...well that sucks. eBay is becoming like ****roaches--it's an infestation that's everywhere--someone call the eBayxterminator!
He's in the Boeing directory as, you guessed it.. k paul cook, (very original there k).. Maybe it's his dad or something

Can you find his boss's e-mail address? He might be interested in knowing how much time Kook spends making posts here.
Nah, I've got all of you beat. My spelloing musteaks get pubiclished for everyone to see in major magazine feature artikles. -Sean
Re: Why Kerry is going to win. The Great Motorcycle Prophet speaks

While you are out and about at those colleges, pay attention to their perspective on promoting diversity. You will see that political correct crap spewed from every orifice on campus. I taught at a university for ten years I never saw a more homogenous body of thought. They were about a diverse as a KKK rally. Yeah, there was diversity of facial features but precious little divergent thinking going on behind the faces. I see those institutions creating a rift in society similar to the civil war days. We/they doesn't work. We are we. I see very few political parasites promoting a cohesive move forward for our society. You go ahead and enjoy your election. Be involved. But please at least consider the possibility that there might just be a few Republicans out there who are worth listening to. And, god forbid, there might even be better alternatives for our country that this divisive two party system. So, mister college man, how does it feel being part of the old guard establishment?
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Re: Why Kerry is going to win. The Great Motorcycle Prophet speaks

I usually vote Republican. In fact, I am registered as a Republican. However, I can't vote for Bush this time because he cut taxes on the rich during an unecessary war creating the largest budget deficit in history. Bush and his neocon followers should not be rewarded for this. Someday the Republican party will nominate someone like John McCain or George H. W. Bush (Bush, Sr.). Until that happens W. has to be defeated. This country can't afford another 4 years of his divisive leadership style
Welllllllll.....We're kinda in the same boat there ya' know..........
Re: My Capt K-Y comment is how I know.

It's funny how you are a "real expert" when you agree with KPaul, and a complete idiot when you disagree with him. I wonder how you got to be so smart, and so dumb, in such a short period of time?? LOL
Re: Why Kerry is going to win. The Great Motorcycle Prophet speaks

Acrtually the civil war aspect is already starting. Burglaries and actual shootings by leftwing loonies are already a reality. Prepare to defend yourself. If Bush wins I expect to see much more actual violence perpetrated by the "compassion and diversity" crowd.

The vast majority of planetary violence in this century has been perpetrated by socialist philosophies, i.e. Nazis (National Socialists) and Soviet style communism. You need only see the way lefties react at their demonstrations and rallies (often physically assaulting any opposing group) to see the writing on the wall. In this current election cycle the Kerry campaign has dragged the once decent Democrat Party down to a more Goebbels style of campaign that relies almost entirely on hate and lies, as epitomized by the snake Carvile.

They will eventually learn, though, that generalized violence won't be as safe for them as stealing flyers from 6 year olds and throwing paint on elderly women in fur coats. Most of them are bad marksmen.
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Not really. You don't put out 1/4 the posts that He-Who-Can't-Be-Named does.

And I'll bet that your co-workers don't snigger behind your back at you either.
That's true.

RE: your previous post, do you know why the PETA crowd is so against fur but silent on leather?

It's alot safer to throw paint on old women in fur coats than motorcyclists in leathers
Or construction workers!
Re: Why Kerry is going to win. The Great Motorcycle Prophet speaks

How many demonstrations have you been to lately? or are you getting your information from those liers we like to call "news" casters?

As for the Deamoncratic campaign I will quote the great David Burne " Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever waaaaasss"

"They will eventually learn, though, that generalized violence won't be as safe for them as stealing flyers from 6 year olds and throwing paint on elderly women in fur coats. Most of them are bad marksmen." Yea, attack someone that has no way of winning against you. (the American way)

Kpaul got it going agian, maybe he is a prophet!
Re: mail me something you idiot

Oh, fine, whatever - just relax, Paula. Enjoy your top-ranked graduate school experience.
Re: Why Kerry is going to win. The Great Motorcycle Prophet speaks

SeruzaWacko you are starting to sound like the Unibomber. Are you living in a cabin out in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a computer and a TV hooked up to Fox News. Maybe I'll start calling you th SeruazaBomber.
Re: Why Kerry is going to win. The Great Motorcycle Prophet speaks

Guess you don't like wild unsupported accusations so much when they are pointed at you, do ya?
Re: Why Kerry is going to win. The Great Motorcycle Prophet speaks

Funny how the thought police are acutally the same group of people who profess to be "enlightened." George Orwell had it right, even though the left likes to claim him as its champion. The truth is that Orwell wouldn't agree with them on much.

If you can get it around your area, listen to AirAmerica. It's far more frigtening than right-wing radio. They claim that anyone who isn't a liberal isn't the aforementioned "enlightend" or "evolving." Sounds a bit like Newspeak to me.

Living in New York, I have quite a bit of experience with some pretty hard-core left-wingers. The most offensive thing about them is that they feel free to interject their beliefs into any discussion--with little regard as to whether it's appropriate--as if they have a moral obligation to do so. If you disagree with them, they treat you as if you are stupid at best, and a facist devil at worst. That doesn't seem to jive with the open-mindedness and tolerance that they preach.

The wolf is usually in the sheep's clothing.

Oh, and of course the Dems are mining the college campuses for votes. They've been growing little minions there for years. Now that they need them, it's time to harvest. College is one of the least openminded places you could ever be.
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Yes, throwing construction workers on old ladies would be tricky..........

(sorry man, I can't help it)
Re: Why Kerry is going to win. The Great Motorcycle Prophet speaks

Hey. I'm just following the demos' campaign model of using wild unsupported accusations and hyperbole. What's sauce for the goose, so to speak.

Apparently though if a non-lefty uses that model he's a loonie while vicious degraders like Carvile and Edwards are somehow "caring and compassionate".

And I've been to quite a few rallies and such over the years thank you very much. I went to two at the Utah State Capitol this year. One lefty rally and one parent's rights rally. You see, the lefties have taken control of these State Agencies that now destroy families and put thousands of children on dangerous psychiatric drugs. Your children can be taken from you without even a hearing or a warrant on the basis of an anonymous complaint - a pure creation of the social engineers, much beloved by the lefties. And every single child so taken is sent to a shrink where they are labelled mentally ill and placed on drugs. 100%! So, you can engage in your BS. I've seen many cases of families wrecked by ignorant state case workers with worthless college degrees. I've seen children ripped from poor hispanic families and the parents, who can barely speak english, coerced into signing away their parental rights and then the children put up for adoption - the State getting a $25K adoption bounty for each child. I've also seen reported abuse cases ignored by the Child Protective clods because the people live in a wealthy neighborhood. I've seen children ripped from parents because a case worker thought the house wasn't clean enough. I've seen children taken than for no more reason than desire for the State Agency to get the matching Federal dollars. Oh yes. I've seen the out-of-control fascism of the lefty social engineers.

And in fighting these atrocities the pubbies have been most concerned about these abuses. The democrats almost unanimoously have resisted any attempt to hold these State Agencies accountable. The gains we've made against these agencies (gosh, they actually have to show reasonable cause in front of a judge to get a warrant to take children now!) have been achieved with the support of the pubbies and the opposition of those loving lefties.

So don't talk to me about the relative merits of the two parties. I know which party relies the most on powerful destructive govt. I see it up close and personal.
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