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Bikes beat Cars in Editor's charity challenge

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If this were a no holds barred event, I'd take the CR80.
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Re: Why Kerry is going to win. The Great Motorcycle Prophet speaks

Here's your youth vote.

And I say that as someone who is not voting for Bush.
Re: Why Kerry is going to win. The Great Motorcycle Prophet speaks

Never mind. Politics makes us all a bit insane, I think.

Or maybe it's just Kook that brings out the worst in me.
Re: Why Kerry is going to win. The Great Motorcycle Prophet speaks

I gotta admit. John Stewart is probably the closest thing to a "fair and balanced" news source in America.

Like "The Simpsons", he skewers everyone with equal abandon.
Re: Didn't anyone notice?

The Car and Driver guys who had a car vs bike article a few years back They ran a Dodge Viper vs. a Yammer 1000 up the Angeles Crest, the dragstrip and Riverside Raceway. The car was slightly faster on the Crest, got its butt kicked at the strip and was slightly faster at the track for a few laps before it blew the engine. By that time it had almost eaten its own brakes also. So they never ran the Streets of Willow segment.

Car and Driver then claimed that the Viper won! Amazing. I didn't know that a "performance car" that blows up when you try to race it actually "wins". And a sportbike's brakes would yawn at treatment that would chew most cars' brakes to scrap.

Maybe they aren't so smart at Car and Driver.
Re: Didn't anyone notice?

The only car magazine worth looking at is Automobile, based in Michigan they test mostly high end cars in real world scenarios. The rest as with most bike mags are based in California and in my opinion don't give overly balanced reviews, with the exception of Rider magazine.
I dun tryd huukd on foniks, it butt it wuz way tooo hard to reed. -Sean
Tricky, yet highly entertaining!
There you go again


Sean (racerBoy)is the expert when it comes to motorcycles. I only disagree with him on non-motorcycle issues.
Re: As sarNellie would say

Why? You contested that sportbikes are safer than cruisers because they have better brakes and can also accelerate out of trouble easier. I disagreed with you, demonstrating that sportbikes in fact do not brake better, and also will not help you accelerate out of trouble easier. The only situation I could think of where acceleration would help you avoid an accident would be when you are already rolling along at speed in town and you need a quick spurt to avoid a car, which is exactly the criteria I described above. Seeing how you have yet to describe a situation where you would need to accelerate from 0-60 to avoid a collision with an automobile, it is in fact YOU who are splitting hairs.
Re: My Capt K-Y comment is how I know.

Ah, I see.
Re: Why Kerry is going to win. The Great Motorcycle Prophet speaks

Considering that Rush Limbaugh, G. Gordon Liddy and Oliver North are some of the first line loudmouths for the conreps. I find it hard to believe that anyone can paint the dems as devisive. If a lone loony takes a potshot at a bus, it's one thing. But, when the ghastly-trio get on the air and spew their hate mongering across the nation, I guess that's okay with you. Never heard of a ConRepEvangelical taking a shot at an abortion clinic, have we. Can't imagine one of your Brothers in Christ ever speaking against scientific knowledge, now, could you. RWcons would never advocate teaching that the would was created in seven days, in our schools; Perisch the thought. No, of course not; besides, the world is flat, Clinton was the Devil, an iffin ya don't like what Jaysus said, you can go straight to hell, and iffin ya don't wanna, I'll send ya thar with this har skatter gun.
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