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Bill Janklow Out of the Clinker?

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What to say? What to say? Yes I think it's a crock. It just doesnt seem that justice has been served. I wonder how the family of the cyclist is doing now a days? Anyone know?
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I can see it now... The Million Man *****! It could be like a movement! Pilgrimages! Really, I just got somethin; in my eye...
I always think of him as "the invisible coward!".
Bizarre BURNS!!!!!!!!
If I'm not mistaken, I recently saw him being interviewed on TV about some internet kind of thing that he had gotten started while he was governor. He sounded like a guy ready for a comeback to me. I just pray to God it was old footage.
Everyone in government should be required to wear a clown suit, so we can at least know where they are at all times.
Re: GPTB definition

Kinda like trying to balance a mattress on a bottle of wine, isn't it?
Yep; then you could just claim you were drunk at the time. If it's your first murder, you'll get driving school and a suspended license. How nice!
Re: GPTB definition

That's because it's a logical impossibility.
Janklow's biggest conviction was 2nd degree manslaughter, with a 10 year maximum both then and now. The reckless driving charge which he also received has the 1 year maximum.
Sure. Let's punish the ~500,000 SD residents who have the misfortune of living in the same state as the ~200,000 who voted for Janklow in 2002, the handful of SD Highway Patrol officers who didn't ticket Janklow as aggressively as the could have, and the judge who gave him an excessively light sentence. Makes perfect sense.
Scott's bike was an H-D per the AMA. (Not that it makes much difference what bike you're on when you have congressmen going 70 mph through the stop sign and running into you.)
"the solution as i see it? vote dishonest politicians out of office, and replace them with candidates that have their constituency's interests at heart."

Well, you see - I believe THAT is the problem itself. Local Government Officials should have the Local Interests at heart - National Officials should have the greater-interests of the Nation as a Whole in mind first, and foremost.

Getting re-elected starts the day after a politician's initial swearing-in. To do so, he/she does ONLY what they believe will get the majority of their constituency to vote for them in the NEXT election.

Sometimes, unpopular decisions HAVE to be made. The only Men (or Women) with the steel to make such decisions are so repulsed and disgusted by the goings-on within our political system, that I believe you'll never catch them dead in Congress. And, in the unlikely event such a person ever manage to supress their natural aversion to the cesspool of avarice and greed we call the Legislative Branch of our Government, they would be so ostracized and shunned by their "fellow" Congressmen as to be rendered wholly ineffective.

I have more to say, but this is not the forum.
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