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Billy Lane Avoids Fender Fire

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Someone that rides a motorcycle actually watches this s**t..............
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Hell, yeah, I watch these. Why would I want to miss flammable seats, broken frames, stripped cylinder-head bolts, airborne seatpans, zero-ground-clearance catastrophic ejections...

Anybody who enjoys superb factory engineering loves watching these glorified welders and their $60,000 deathtraps.

Schadenfreude rules!
Yeah, I watch occasionally, too. When good 'ole Billy designed his "innovative" underseat exhaust ("I ain't never seen a bike with one of them 'fore," said one dumbstruck biker rally attendee.) I just had to watch with morbid curiosity. The sense of comedic impending doom was too strong to resist.

Hey, Billy, did you think routing super-hot exaust gasses up your a$$ was a good idea? (It's supposed to be the other way around, dummy.) How 'bout some insulation? Oh, yeah, after you lit your butt on fire, you "solved" the problem with a sheet of aluminimun foil. Quite an engineer you are.

You gotta watch. It's priceless.
Chopper themed TV shows must be near the end of their 15 minutes of fame. Enough already. Let's see some real world motorcycle programming.
What the hell, I watch Jerry Springer once in awhile. Guess I shouldn't be such a snob.
Yeah, I have to admit I enjoy watching someone create something with their hands. Unfortunately, there are only so many gas tanks and fenders you can see without being bored very quickly. (And most of those are just ordered from a catalog, along with the frame and every other component, and cut in one of about five or six different ways.)

I really get a kick out of how little thought there is given to function and the seeming lack of any real motorcycle knowledge that some of these guys have. I'm certainly no expert, but it's obvious that some of these guys are completely full of shyte.

No front brakes? Jockey shift? 8 ft. wheelbase? I mean, I know motorcycling always involves some aspect of posing, but really, this chopper thing is totally absurd. "Custom" kit bikes? Are they kidding?

I'd like to know how all of these custom shops are staying in business. When I was shopping for the Daytona, I went to one of my local Triumph dealers that also carries a "custom" bike line. What pieces of shyte these things were--all for an asking price starting at about 30 large. Must be a lot of rubes with some cash.
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A Rub is a "rich urban biker." You gotta get with the lingo bro.
Actually it was a pitiful attempt at humor, implying that rubes and rubs were often one in the same.
Can you imagine a motorcycle equivalent of "Fifth Gear"? God, that would be sweet.

Get on it, Brits!
I'm so glad ................I have a souped up "custom" ZX10R for a lowley $15,000.00! I could have 3 of these for one of those "biker build off" deals that are a total joke. I know I had a custom V twin expensive bike and who needs the stress? My only stress now is ....................WHERE ARE THE COPS? That's about it!
Just to set the record straight, I meant "rubes" as in "bumpkins." But you're right, many times they're one in the same.
Dudes, lighten up! There's room in the hobby for everyone that rides on two wheels. They are our brothers, even if we hide them in the backroom when company comes...
I have a friend of mine that has been invited to these "Biker Build-offs" several times and he always declines.

He builds customs and does H-D service as well. He thinks it's a kooky as most of us do.
Fifth Gear Rules!

Fifth Gear gets my vote as both the best motojournalism -and- the best overall program I've ever seen on TV. I'm inspired every time they take a pair of cars to Anglesy and let Tiff wring them out. -Sean
Went to Daytona for bike week. It's more of a media event than a motorcycle one. There seemed to be more cars than usual, Mom, Dad and the kids hoping to get a look at the OCC boys.

On the positive side, the new chopper craze has been good for the little guys (fabricators). Still I wonder..........have these Discovery channel "movie stars" ever ridden a real motorcycle, or maybe they did and decided they look better on a parade float.
"Schadenfreude!" I was looking for that word the other day. Thanks, but too late.

If the economy is in such bad shape, how come all these guys are still in business? Kpaul, are you there?

"Still I wonder..........have these Discovery channel "movie stars" ever ridden a real motorcycle"

Sure they do, remember when Paul Sr. bought Jr. an Ultra Classic? Now they both have one.
Quite an engineer you are.

They are not engineers they are "artists". I have to admit that most choppers seem to be more for looking at than for riding.

I thought that a Chopper function was an expression of the owner/builder. If you do buy one what is the point?

I guess it is not all that differn't than Hot Rods except that most most hot rods these days are better cars than the original material.
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