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Biodiesel Motorcycle?

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Looks uncomfy as hell...
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Testing the bike on a busy CA highway?

I'm pretty sure there is a track or two around there. Or how about an isolated straight road?


And can SOMEONE build an alt-fuel bike that looks normal for f*ck's sake?!

Why put a car engine in the damn thing?
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There were a few other bikes there that were more interesting, IMHO. The busa v-8 for one.
Ya just hadda, dincha?
Now, those Kettenkrads in the sidebar look pretty handy. I'll have to bookmark those for my next blitzkreig.
kpaul, the GMP, predicts then it happens. [*]Saw on speed where Banks Race Shop's is moving toward diesel from gasoline because diesel has not octane limatation. [*]The only limitation diesel is the strength of the engine components. [*]The guy in speed TV story said diesel has the potental to dominate drag racing and other forms of high performance racing like the American Lemans series where Audi dominated using a diesel powered race car



biodiesel because it uses photosynthesis is really solar energy and God love it.. Are you still laughing at the biodiesel idea GPTB? How much are you paying for gasoline today?
As long as the alt-fuel crowd keeps designing alt-fuel vehicles to look like friggin tard-mobiles, nobody in the world is going to take them seriously.

It's akin to the NORML crowd saying they want to legallize pot for medical reasons.
I thought you left?
The response that I am thinking about to your remark is very similar to Rudy Giuliani’s response to Ron Paul. VW has several models that run on biodiesel. etc. You generalization is way way off the mark. Heck Seattle has buses that run off biodiesel now.
Sorry I couldn't resist a chance to rub the GPTB's nose in this. Buz thinks I am disturbed. But I was right on the war, racing V-Twins, the economy, biodiesel, gas prices etc. Where as Buz, seruzawa, you and longride voted for W twice. Who has the better track record?
You've been right about nothing, psycho.

BTW, ever figure out how old you are?
Wow. At this rate, the last vehicle on Earth not to run on biodiesel will be kpaul's car.
What makes you think I voted for Bush even once?

Tool. Your prediction battin' average is about .001.
Excellent use of Facts and Data!
The shift towards diesel began long before the psycho was a gleam in his numerous fathers' eyes.
we are talking about biodiesel, please try to keep up..
I can't wait until I get to pay 10 bucks for an ear of corn.
"Where as Buz, seruzawa, you and longride voted for W twice. Who has the better track record?"

Oh, I know this one! W won twice so they have a better track record.

keep your word and just go

Over time you have devolved into something truly sad and desperate for attention. Stop punishing us because you don't have a life. You need help but not here and not the motorcycle kind. This isn't bashing - it's just the truth.
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