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Biodiesel Motorcycle?

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Looks uncomfy as hell...
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Notice they used the on-ramp for the I-5 north next to U-PICK A PART in Sunland?

Looks like that's where it came from...did they use an old turbo Puegeot motor?
soybeans, rape seed (canola), and in the future algae are the most popular sources for biodiesel. Corn and sugar cane (Brazil) are popular for methanol.
Diesel has no octane limitation? Do you know what you're talking about? "Octane" in gasoline serves to minimize the risk of autoignition. A diesel engine operates without spark plugs but with a very high compression ratios (which is one reason they can be more efficient) to intentioanally autoignite the fuel / air. Diesel is not rated on octane at all, but an equivalent octane rating would actually be very low.

Each type of fuel has it's advantages and disadvantages. I happen to like diesel and wish more vehicles used it in the states. And as far as racing goes, each series has its own rules governing engine limits for different engine types, specifically to try level the playing field (or advantage someone if they want). This is currently the case, some claim, with the LeMans series and the diesels. Teams chose whatever they think they can work with most effectively.
Good one kbent but wrong track.. :)
Diesel has no octane limitation? That is what the guy said on Speed TV Perhaps it's irrelevant but he said the we have reached the limit in achieving higher octanes of gasoline thus it's future use for high performance applications is not as bright..
Re: keep your word and just go

Actually I don't have to be desperate for attention on MO. Folks flock to my posts.. I think it is the other way around. Even when I was gone Buz,seruzawa, kchick, etc would talk about me.
Wrong. After the divorce, Kpaul's ex-wife will have the non-biodiesel car. He'll be taking the above mentioned biodiesel bus to work and leaving bitter messages on the ex-Kpaul phone to his kids.

You notice how he always b!tched about the things he had to do/buy for his family. He'll be just another dead beat father whose kids hate him.

What's the over/under on Kpaul’s suicide? 24-36 months?

The problem with motorcycle diesels is the low hp/displacement output of diesels. Turbos help this a lot, but still you are not going to get anywhere near the hp you can from a gasoline engine. Torque is another thing since diesels get loads of torque. It remains to be seen if motorcyclists are going to be willing to give up the hp.
Our friends just sold their 2 Chrysler/Doge dealerships and bought a Toyota/Scion and a Lexus dealership. I think they see the writing on the wall for Chrysler.... I am going to give my current car to my youngest this summer. My wife wants a Lexus and I'll get a Yaris or Scion. My 80 mile round trip commute demands and economy car I'm afraid. Time to trade in the Town and Country minivan.. So no biodiesel in the near term for kpaul.. I should run the numbers again to see if a hybrid will pay for itself I think gas has to at least $4.50 a gal for that to happen.
Apparently to the idiot the existence of one experimental motorcycle that will never achieve more than Boss Hoss style limited numbers at best is the same as an entire line of diesel motorcycles being sold in the hundreds of thousands of units per annum.
Wait a second. He's supposedly married again.
LOL I love my kids. I have no problem paying child support. It's the alimony thing that sucks.. Just think if she finds some Billy Bob and he moves in my house and never marries her.. That's my nightmare sceanario.
I take it the point of this "motorcycle" is to prove some people have way too much extra time and money?
I understand that many buses run on biofuel, yet you don't see many peeps walking into their local auto stealership asking to test drive a 50 footer, now do ya?

We're talking practicality for the everyday human, and the prototypes you see coming out just don't appeal to society as a whole.
E320D, can't forget the E. :p
Yes, as in something such as Corn Oil, Soybean Oil, or Peanut Oil; the very substance the original Diesel engine was designed to burn in the first place.

Please try to keep up there, socko.
Sounds like he knows as much about the subject matter as socko.

Which is to say; nothing.
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