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Biodiesel Motorcycle?

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Looks uncomfy as hell...
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I agree.. No one would know it's a diesel unless you told them..
Re: Yes, But....

yep I do the are and our and the their and there thing constantly bugs my wife to no end. sorry.
Right I remember such lines from you "The Iraqis will see us as liberators", "They will find WMD", and my favorite "Bin Laden and Sadam were working together. Your track record i.e Grape of Wrath score ain't too good there Buzzy..
Re: Yes, But....

You passed that quiz

It's the least I could do.
About that imigration bill

Hey I have to compete in a global economy so should you union folks..
Re: keep your word and just go

speaking of delusions.. you take the cake

Don't forget tiered licensing.
21 - 28 of 163 Posts
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