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Biodiesel Motorcycle?

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Looks uncomfy as hell...
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Personally I'd rather have a USMC Deisel KLR than this one.

And saying that you're the one whose correct in your "predictions" when at least half the population feels the same way just makes you look like an *******.

Kinda like a "support the troops" ribbon on the back of your Escalade
Good Post !
"The diesel engine, invented in Germany by Rudolf Diesel in 1893, was originally designed to run from peanut oil and not petroleum diesel as is most commonly used today." Read more about it
Or better yet, if she DOESN'T move Billy into the house, just fcuks him (along with every OTHER man who can satisfy her "needs"), and each of them giggles uncontrollably every time they leave socko's former-house...........
Why don't you ride your motorcycle you phukwit poser? at least then you'd have the barest thread of creduality to post on a motorcycle related forum.
Thanks for correcting me. I mean, I was totally wrong and 180-degrees away from knowing WTF I'm talking about here.


That's why DC stock took a rise and is up 30% over last-quarter. All them Investors seein' the writing on the wall and all.

The symbol is "DCX", BTW. If you'd like to check my "facts and data".



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My car gets 30 mph dude. Wife drives the minivan which gets better mph than a SUV.. so Buzz off (pun intended). Most people who drive SUVs should be driving minivans if the "need " the room.. I support the warrior not the war. I did predict this stuff cause I faced the ridicule of the GPTB so yes I am going to brag.
Have you priced wholesale bulk soy or any of those other oilseeds lately?

I have.

Every time some fool like you mentions "soy-based biodiesel" the price spikes. Just like corn does every time Algore sez "Corn-Ethanol", only not quite as severely.

I wish all these so-called, self-titled "experts" would take a drink of SHUT THE FCUK UP for ten fcuking seconds and think about what they're saying, and the ramifications of what they're advocating.

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You realize that Daimler sold Chrysler last week don't you?
It's to prove that they can "develop" a diesel motorcycle.

As opposed to just taking an existing engine from an auto and cobbling-together a frame and two wheels and calling it "Der Diesel-Motorrad".
I don't think he has a motorcycle.

I'm sure there are plenty of message boards where you don't have to ride a motorcycle and can clog it up with half-witted bullshyt.

Why us?
"Most people who drive SUVs should be driving minivans if the "need " the room."

Can't argue with that.

See? You're not 100% bug-nucking-futs!

Just 99%
OH!! I see the difference now...
Yes, Tool.

I've been following it closely. And taking notes as I have a Vested Interest in the outcome. ;^p~

You do realize that DC stock would have taken a nosedive if Investors thought it was a bad thing, don't you?
It also doesn't mean that a Biodiesel Bus gets any better mileage than a Petrodiesel Bus.

The cities doing this are trying to put forth their "Green Face", and the fact that Biodiesel is Federally-Subsidized and cheaper than Petro don't hurt a damn thing in their eyes, either.
I knew you would.........

But don't you know that Chrysler is no longer public? i.e Jack Snow and some other Bush cronies bought it similar to HD was bought from AMF
So long as I gets my money by Friday.
I love you too cutie.. I rode 100 miles on Saturday.. Sunday rained really hard..
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