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Blah blah blah! Realtime chat come to MO.

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Wish I could log in

Well. You all force me to register, and what do I find? Your slick little login has a 10 digit limit on the username. Guess what, your message boards don't.


1997 GSX-R 750
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Re: Wish I could log in

Amazing. So now I try and make another account to tell someone in the chatroom about it, and I can't have multiple logins for one email account. BLECH!

Rob "grumpy at MO" Nance
No no, users are kicked off after four minutes of inactivity.

I guess we need to clarify that...

Gotta keep cookies, or you'll have to log in each time instead of having our site remember you. That is, state is stored here in the database, but your username is in a cookie so you don't have to login all the time...
Ok ok

So I hacked up your little javascript and bypassed the 10 character limit. All is good in the world. I reccomend good ole' "find and replace" in Wordpad for those with long usernames :b

Huh? Who said I was definatly trying to edig the mag?
Haven't had any luck posting in the chat room. I get an error about running scripts. Any ideas?
Hey Monkey,

Post the specifics of your system...

1) Type of computer (PC, Mac, webTV..)

2) Operating System (Windows, Linux...)

3) Browser (netscape, internet explorer...).

We'll try to fix it!
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Oops. My bad. I'll get sleep tonight. I promise.
Being a semi-computer-literate "Luddite", as best I can tell it's:

1) Dell Precision 610

2) Windows NT

3) Internet explorer

I get the same message when trying to read other sites sometimes too. When I get to this chat room, I can't see anything I wrote, or anyone else wrote. Thanks for the help. I think I'm gonna go get my IT guys and see if they can help.
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