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Blue Marlin Comes to America

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If only 100 are coming, do you really think things (bidding) will be any different at the dealerships than exists on the web?
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Cool looking bike, but I bet the comfort level is next to nothing. Nice to see some manufacturers taking chances on the more radical bikes (NAS, NAS, NAS!!...), but I bet it'll be a while before you see one at a light.

Speaking of Aprilia, anybody else excited as hell to see Haga ride the Mille this year...

dare I say....1st post.....

I am more concerned with how it compares to the VFR.

Just kidding!
I think it would be a good idea if Aprilia shipped the Capo Nord that it annoucned months ago before it makes any promisses on the Blue Marlin. My dealer has had his shipments delayed for 3 months now. I was told I could have my pick of colors and the factory would deliver to the dealers the colors they ordered. Now dealers aren't sure what they will get or when. I'm headed over to the Suzuki dealer to see what's up with the DL 1000. Maybe I can even buy one!
Beaten by 4:34. Thats an eternity if your running a 5K or racing on a road course...
Funny, my Aprilia dealer is also my Suzuki dealer.


Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! What....only 100 coming to the US??? Ka-Ching!!! Priced out of reach. Now I'm feeling mighty low. :-(

Aprilia, I thought this was going to be a production model instead it's a "boutique" bike. You suck! Your a bigger tease than my girlfriend. Well, on the bright side, maybe I'll get to see one.
Re: Bummer!

Better something than nothing.

Maybe Honda will step up to the plate with the N.A.S. (I can dream, can't I?)

The whole concept of the NAS looks pretty basic. I'm sure that if you could find a TL engine you can get a Spondon or some other custom frame to make an equally attractive bike for hopefully less money.

Sadly, water-cooled V-twins don't look terrible attractive... and if we were to compare the engine in terms of looks on the 'priller, it pales next to something as neat and clean as the W650 engine.

Bring back the air-cooled V-twins!!!
Re: Bummer!

Bodge a newish Ducati 900SS motor in there...the motor's got tuners and parts aplenty in the aftermarket, and is pretty respectable for an air-cooled twin as far as power goes.
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