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BMW 2003 Sales

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First post! aint this country great? the germans have a market in the usa. even though they missed a few joos (who btw own the rest of the world) theres still space for them here.
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I'd like a 1150 rt but the retail price is too high in my opinion. Anyone out there have any experience getting one less than retail ?
If you buy now, BMW pays the first 5 loan payments. The less you put down, the

more BMW pays.

ehhhh ....

did you just say what i think you said?
thank you, MO

thanks for deleting that first post. i'm normally against censorship, but i sure am glad you acted in this case.
Re: thank you, MO

Someone keeps moderating the sunuvabich's post back up.
Hey Dummy

No call for that nonsense here. Keep the racist crap to yourself.
BMW consistently has the best financing deals, which suggests that they inflate their prices a couple grand to make up for the interest dollars they give away. But they always offer a good discount for cash deals. The smart thing to do is finance the whole ball of wax with nothing down, or pay cash for the bike up front.

The interest rates are pretty low, so most will go to principle. Just make sure you can pay off the rest of the bike without penalty, and it becomes a very good deal: Have them pay 5 payments on the shortest possible loan term, and then pay the rest of the loan.
Re; what first post?

The twin spark and new transmission should take care of the two most outstanding discrepansies on BMW's. Then they can get to work on wiring harness melt-downs and clutch failures, ridiculous seat-peg relationships on the R1150R, corporate arrogance and some of the stupidest (stinky guy) adds ever printed.

Then I still wouldn't want one.

All the things Harley has been accused of can be found at your local BMW dealer.
Yeah, it is great- the fact that we allow ignorant assholes like you to continue to breed speaks volumes about our patience and tolerance as a nation.
Somebody should remind this joker that Hitler had a pogrom for the mentally impared as well. VWW
shop araound, plenty on offer, drive a hard deal.

I ride thr R850R, felt it was asmoother ride & poer difference is not much
Thanks fo the post longride.

I wonder what percentage of US BMWs are sold with ABS? In Japan, almost every oilhead has it.
Time for class

The little yellow bus is ready to leave. Climb aboard and head off to school.
Re: Re; what first post?

How about the cold shoulder treatment from the owner and his riding cronies when you ride up on an old Japenese bike and just look around? I like that one too.
I purchased '03 1150RTA in Feb and was quite happy with the deal. With the five pmts free, 1.9% APR and some extra $'s off, not so bad. The offers change, I do not think my same deal is available. I was wary of the linked ABS brakes but now find them easy to use. Dealer in Beaver Dam, WI is friendly and straight shooter.

Re: Re; what first post?

Yes, that's always a plus.
nope ... it's gone

it's not the one that's currently there. there was one before that, slamming jewish people, if you can believe that.

you interpret the financing deals as indication of inflated prices. i interpret it as clever marketing made possible by healthy profit margins.

a price is not overinflated if people are willing to pay it. also keep in mind the cost of maintaining production in germany, where labor unions are EVERYWHERE.
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