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BMW Boxer Cup Replaced By New Power Cup

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Love to see those valve covers banging togther. Should be a whole buncha fun.
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I sympathize with you. Im in the samresituation with my 24 year old stepson.he wants to buy my son's GIXXER 600.My wife is in complete opposition...She rides ,I ride and my son rides (along with her sister and three of her brothers and several nephews)but shecant face the possibility of her son riding. Maybe hypocritical to non parents but motherhood isnt always rational. Ive told my son not to sell. Ive told my stepson(6'5'',190 lbs) to buy something a little more beginner friendly but that I cant lend him any cash or cosign a loan. I'm sure eventually he'll buy a 600 sportbike but I dont want to be an enabler.....If something happened it may well wreck my marriage. When he buys something I'll help him learn and pay for track classes(like I did for my son) but I dont want to be "responsible"..whatever that means. Life aint always simple,is it?
Thought maybe you werebroken hearted anf left the site too!
1 - 2 of 58 Posts
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