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BMW Boxer Cup Replaced By New Power Cup

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Love to see those valve covers banging togther. Should be a whole buncha fun.
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Re: Boxers vs briefs

How about they just go with an old Pratt & Whitney R4360 Wasp Major? I think it makes 3000+HP at sea level. It would certainly validate the name "Power Cup", although you might need larger wheels, and a little extra splash of fuel...
Re: Boxers vs briefs

I don't think so, but I honestly dont' know. It only saw limited use (the coolest placement was clearly in the anti-kamikaze Goodyear F2G variant of the Vaught Corsair, which could crack 400MPH at sea level), and was a follow-on to the R-2800 Double Wasp, which was 18 cylinders in two banks of nine, if memory serves. The 4360 was 28 cylinders in 4 banks of 7, had methanol-water injection and all of the other hot-rod goodies of the era.

I think a few are still in service for racing applications.

1 - 2 of 58 Posts
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