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BMW Boxer Cup Replaced By New Power Cup

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Love to see those valve covers banging togther. Should be a whole buncha fun.
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How can u like one-brand racing during Daytona Bike Week? when track time is at a premium? It is basically a big BMW commercial. Air-cooled twins up to 1300-whatever cc are alloweed in FX, why doesn't bmw enter a couple of bikes in there for some exposure? beat Honda. right.
let me just reply to myself.


did u see where bens spies gsxr600 FX bike was like 1 sec. faster at Fontana test? Hmmmm... go Ben.
I sympathize with you. Im in the samresituation with my 24 year old stepson.he wants to buy my son's GIXXER 600.My wife is in complete opposition...She rides ,I ride and my son rides (along with her sister and three of her brothers and several nephews)but shecant face the possibility of her son riding. Maybe hypocritical to non parents but motherhood isnt always rational. Ive told my son not to sell. Ive told my stepson(6'5'',190 lbs) to buy something a little more beginner friendly but that I cant lend him any cash or cosign a loan. I'm sure eventually he'll buy a 600 sportbike but I dont want to be an enabler.....If something happened it may well wreck my marriage. When he buys something I'll help him learn and pay for track classes(like I did for my son) but I dont want to be "responsible"..whatever that means. Life aint always simple,is it?
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Re: let me just reply to myself.

Now if you could just start an argument with yourself we wouldn't miss KP so much!
Thought maybe you werebroken hearted anf left the site too!
Re: let me just reply to myself.

I suggested that MO offer a free subscription to whomever first correctly identifies Kbuckets new handle. But the tightwads won't answer.

You know that the Kook will never go away. Like an old moldy block of velveeta.
30th post!
Bout time they fixed your old account and you got back to posting.
I know I thought I was banned! All the credit goes to Ashley for making it work again.
Re: let me just reply to myself.

I think we could get the 12 members of the GPTB to pitch in a buck each and cover that ourselves.
what's the deal-io? why no racing news? u guys not on PR lists anymore? I have to pick everything up in the streets and have no place to post my insightful insites but here. inthissite. there is more going on than bmw cup. i think. nobody cares but me?
wow i just checked speedtv website. says no WSC round until tuesday am after opening round. and daytona on thursday afterward. I knew bush was taking the country backward but only now is it hitting home...
LOL, what did you have to do, lend her the Brutale for a week? Welcome back.
I know what you mean. I'm kind of anxious for racing coverage, too...

At least I'll be riding with WSMC this weekend. Woo-hoo, will Friday never get here?!?
Re: Boxers vs briefs

BMW missed out with that new K1200R. Instead of a transverse inline four, it should have been a radial.

Imagine a boxer with two or three more cylinders disposed radially. Or nine.
good 4 u, have fun. but that's really not the same as settling onto one's couch of a weekend morning with a 6-pack an a bag o chips is it?
Re: Boxers vs briefs

one puller out front and a pusher out back, spinning in opposite directions to cancel ze torque reaction.
Re: let me just reply to myself.

I refuse to believe that Velveeta can mold.
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