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BMW Boxer Cup Replaced By New Power Cup

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Love to see those valve covers banging togther. Should be a whole buncha fun.
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Re: Boxers vs briefs

Et faites-leur le monosoupape ! Comment merveilleux.
Nah she's a bike rider. She stole my cool aluminum beach cruiser. With only one gear it is quite the workout in the hills!
Re: A pox on the boxer?

I wonder if a good stunt rider could spin a BMW around on one cylinder, like a top?

Might be the next big sales tool for the beemer folks. Get in cozy the the Gen-X crowd.
It seems a class of bikes left out of the "fist bike" category are bikes like the ZZR600 or FZR600. They really should be classified as "value 600's" or something of the sort. If you like the fully faired street bike look, want to be able to tour, ride twisties, and cruz around town all at a good price these bikes are hard to beat. The more I read about them the more impressed I am with them. In the real world these might be some of the best do-it-all street bikes out there.
My bad, YZF600R.

LOTSA LUCK...both, of you!
Re: let me just reply to myself.

Did you notice that my post was moderated down? This means that once again Kook is a liar and he's renewed.. as we knew he would.
Re: Boxers vs briefs

How about they just go with an old Pratt & Whitney R4360 Wasp Major? I think it makes 3000+HP at sea level. It would certainly validate the name "Power Cup", although you might need larger wheels, and a little extra splash of fuel...
That's a fair comment but the Boxer Cup was run in addition the 250cc twostrokes AND the SUPERBIKES in the 200 (2003). That made for a good day of racing, on Sunday. I'm usually there for multiple days but for the sport to grow I believe it must appear interesting and exciting any time someone happens to go to "the Races". It's obvious that most of the people that "do" bike week are almost unaware of the Races and/or don't attend. This year THURSDAY??? looks to be the best lineup by far IMHO.

Unless I'm mistaken they used to, at one time, run The Supercross and Road Racing events on the same day. I can think of no safety concerns not to, I could be wrong. I would like to see SUPERBIKES in the 200, Superstock, Supersport, Formula Extreme and Supercross run on the same day, Sunday. I think that lineup would set attendance records. I think it is wrong that they don't allow infield camping (unlike at other Speedway events) and I don't like cars parking along the infield fence, (which restricts prime viewing areas from many for the benefit of few) other than for Handicaped People while I'm at it!
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I agree that these are great all-around, real world bikes but I still have a problem with bikes capable of these levels of performance being considered "first bikes" or "starter bikes". Would a Mustang GT be a good "first car"? No 16 year olds are allowed to vote on this!
Agreed. They are more bike than I remembered.
If my comment here doesn't bring Kook back in full panoply nothing will:

Yesterday I talked a friend of mine out of buying a new 600 Supersport. He's only ridden some dirt bikes and that was years ago. He wanted to get back into street riding so I spent some time talking about bikes and got him much more interested in trying an SV650 as a bike to learn on. I got him to see that there is enough to learn in just basic street survival skills that it's best to pick a bike with a good friendly torque curve that won't toss him over the handlebars the first time he makes a panic stop. He says he's going to do the MSF course also.

We'll see.
Re: Boxers vs briefs

Think of the ground clearance problems. Oi vey!

Was that the "corncob" motor?
Re: let me just reply to myself.

Either Kook or another fece consuming coward.
Re: Boxers vs briefs

I don't think so, but I honestly dont' know. It only saw limited use (the coolest placement was clearly in the anti-kamikaze Goodyear F2G variant of the Vaught Corsair, which could crack 400MPH at sea level), and was a follow-on to the R-2800 Double Wasp, which was 18 cylinders in two banks of nine, if memory serves. The 4360 was 28 cylinders in 4 banks of 7, had methanol-water injection and all of the other hot-rod goodies of the era.

I think a few are still in service for racing applications.

"I knew bush was taking the country backward but only now is it hitting home..."

Maybe a mature person could handle the performance available from the SV650 but I think it's too much for a kid, at least when I was a kid ;-). Maybe if I took an MSF course (and went to the gym!) I would see things differently.
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