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BMW F650CS for my better half.

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Any bike that makes you happy is a good bike.

Good luck with it and I hope the both of you enjoy many happy (and safe) miles together.

Save the two-up fo the big bike.

And, First Post!

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Because, when they first came out beemer was asking about $8700, which a lot of people thought was a bit much for a 650 single/beginner bike.

Also, many people hated the looks, though I thought it was quite interesting. I guess between both of those gripes sales were a bit disappointing.

I still want a 650GS at some point. They just look like fun bikes...
BMW has not discontinued this bike. It is far more popular in the UK than the US - they always get the good bikes there.
I have heard that the maintenance is pricey for the BMW singles. Alot of parts need to be removed to get to the heads/valves.
Perfectly reasonable bike. However, another good choice would be a Bandit 600. The bikes weigh about the same and the ride height is roughly the same. Now, if I were buying a for my girl I'd go with a v-star 650 (really low). Remember that BMW motor is a Rotax design. You may not have to pay BMW prices for parts if you search out a dealer or supplier that has Rotax in their network.
My wife wanted one too, but 05 was the last year imported to the US. She is now looking at the Baby Monster or the Ninja 650R. Both fit her nice at the IMS.

Masters of MO, on your upcoming SV vs Ninja 650 battle royal please try and throw in the baby monster too. I assume the handling would be better on the baby monster but the power better on the others.
Have to agree that the price seemed a bit steep. Not by BMW standards, necessarily, but compared to other "beginner" bikes, over $8k is a lot for a new rider to swallow. I imagine that a lot of the younger entry-level riders they were aiming for either didn't have this money or figured that a $5-6k Japanese bike or even better, a used bike, was a better way to start.

The SV650 is another great bike but as you mentioned, the seat feels really tall for shorter riders.

The Monster 620ie fits short riders well, but if she's going to be following you on long road trips, the BMW is more comfortable and easier to fit luggage.

As for styling, it's a personal thing. I think the F650GS looks cool but I find the CS a bit odd looking. However, I think the belt final drive on the CS is great, clean, and low maintenance. I can't figure out why they bothered to make the cool single-sided swingarm then hide the wheel with that ugly muffler while the GS has the higher under-seat system that looks better, IMHO.

Then again, I've always had odd taste in bikes. I used to ride an R1100R, which had to be one of the oddest-looking BMWs they ever made.

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Iloved the looks of r1100r,but I am odd by most standards
They are a lot of fun. My wife has an 05 GS and it's a blast. She loves it, except for long highway trips. It's too light and she gets blown around quite a bit, so she just ordered an RT for highway trips. BTW, the CS is still availble in Canada.
I would go for the Ninja 650. Something a little more unique than the Monster. ;)
Who cares if the BMW's look a bit unusual? If you want a reliable motorcycle and not the latest fashion statement then this bike will serve you well. I have come across some 650cc singles that have done over 100,000klm without any major problems. The engine is just about bulletproof provided you service it at the recommended intervals. I am going to pick up a used one and travel Europe on it this summer. I currently own a R1150GS and its one of those bike that you can set out on any journey without having to worry about reliability issues. If anyone’s interested this is a link to my latest trip.
I have an 05 myself and love it. I think the big thing that killed the CS was price and many dealers wouldn't take them even thought as soon as they got them they sold fast.

The CS has belt drive, ABS, heated grips, and comes with a waterproof backpack that snaps into that funky scoop in the tank. It is dead reliable as I know a couple with over 100K miles on theirs. You can put a low seat and suspension kit on it so even 5'ers can flat foot. The belt drive is clean and easy and it has a pretty single sided swing arm (unfortunately hid behind an ugly can), good wind protection, and great handling thanks to the gas tank being under the seat for really low COG.

Drawbacks are BMW service is crazy expensive, and BMW USA can sometimes be big jerks and some dealers try and screw you over left and right so you have to search out a good one. The sticker shock compared to other big singles is a bit much to swallow. And in true German fashion sometimes the electrical system can be wonkey.
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I just took delivery of a Moto Guzzi Breva 750ie. If you cannot get the Beemer then this is a really great alternative as a beginners bike that you may not get tired of. In addition it is possibly the best looking bike on the road today.
If she likes the F650, buy it. It was designed from the first to be easy to ride and to appeal to those who had never, ever, ridden a motorcycle before. It is very, very gentle in its lower rev range, but if you turn it up a bit, you'll be surprised at how well it moves - holding eighty all day isn't a problem. A Bandit or a Monster is a totally different animal, much more of a handful, less comfortable, and more complex mechanically.
Come on tek, you know you want one. Stop messing about and just buy the thing. You'll love it.
How come everytime a manufacturer tries to sell an interesting bike for beginners/small people in the US, nobody buys it?

I'm with ya but a simple tip over will cost ya probably half what the bike is worth on the ninja replacing the plastic. It would make a better touring mount due to that plastic though and with the exhaust where it is seems to make soft saddle bag placement a breeze.

As for the Unique comment, from the first ride impressions Ive read I imagine by this time next year they may be as unique as a SV650.

Personally I would like to have her on the Ninja or the WeeStrom, but she likes the Monster.
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