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BMW R1150RT Recall

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BMW has been having a major quality control problem since the oil head boxer was first produced.As a "Beemer Guy", for over 10 years, I have heard many problems with BMWs' new breed of motorcycles. In usual German fasion, BMW does not address these problems in the proper manor.I know many fellow MOA members who have not been very satified. DrEvil.....
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This Just In

BMW has announced that every R1200 C model is being recalled for styling modifications. "We thought it looked cool and avant-garde," said BMW President Heinz Cheeseburger, "but it turns out it just looks weird." In order to improve the appearance of the bikes, dealers will hand-glue 25,000 tiny glass crystals on every available surface of the bike free of charge.
So go buy a Honda VFR750/800 and when the voltage reg/rect burns out see if Honda will tell you that about a million others have had the same problem. Don't use BMW as an example of poor customer service. Theirs is better than most, even if it sucks wind.
Re: This Just In

I sort of like the look of the bike but I gotta admit that was damn funny
I had a 98 R1100RT, and traded it at 77k miles.

I will say that BMWNA stood behind all the problems, I had with the bike. But your dealer has more effect on how your treated with warrantly work then BMWNA. Get a good dealer and most of your problems will be taken care of, get a bad dealer or one who doesn't want to take the time and effort to resolve the problem, and you will be unhappy.
Re: This Just In

Bwaaaaaa haaa haaa haaaa, er, HEY that's not nice ;-)

Actually, I like the 'c'. 'least it's not a ~45 degree v2 like every other cruiser around. Different is cool, even if it is, um, different!
Major quality control problems? What? I'm on every list and we all know all you hear on lists is problems and of all the complaints NONE of them are "major". Major is like harley cam bearings failing and charging $1000 if you want to fix it before it fails or warantee work after.

BMW, quality issues, compared to what? My Honda VFR800, that accepted pinnacle of quality has had more problems with Honda response than my oilhead BMW's with 3 times more miles.

Major Quality Problems? Bwahahahahah

Oh, you were just kidding, OK.
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Re: This Just In

No, but it might help the 1150 GS.
Re: This Just In

They're not all 45 degree V-Twins... in fact, most of them are not. But they are mostly V-Twins, with a few notable exceptions, like the Yamaha V-Max (is that REALLY a cruiser?) and the Royal Star, also by Yamaha.
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