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BMW Sales Jump

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Sales were REALLY fueled by a great marketing promotion. BMW's 80th Anniversary sales event included 1.9% APR financing on '03 models (0.9% on '02's) and BMW made the first 5 monthly payments for you.
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The release doesn't even mention the financing incentives, which are no doubt the primary reason for the strong sales. I shopped a lot of bikes but the incentives ($0 down, 0.9%, BMW makes the first 5 payments) are what finally prompted me to buy a '02 R1150GS--I would have bought something less expensive and Japanese if normal financing rates were required. I bought my bike in Feb. '03, the month the incentive program expired, and I know for a fact many others did the same, which explains why BMW's sales for that month were triple those of Feb. '02.

So sales are good. But are they making any money?
I'm sorry but I can't get into any BMW motorcycles and I own one of their cars (330Cic). I just think that the motorcycle division is WAY behind the times and WAY behind their 4-wheel products. They don't even have a real sportbike offering. Believe me I TRIED to like one of their bikes, but at the end of the day they are just so heavy and archaic compared to the competition. Most of their sales are due to the name and image, and that won't last them forever unless they get some exciting products. And yes I know their touring bikes are nice but they should be for the price (an FJR smokes them all around for 40% less) but the rest of the line is weak. I also wanted to buy my wife a new 650CS but at the end of the day $9K for a single cylinder just doesn't make sense. I wanted to buy a K bike too but after you get close to it, it reeks of aged tech and B.M.W. (Bring More Weight).
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I just wish I could have added to their sales. Rode an R 1150 R at a demo ride at the Ruidoso, NM rally last fall and MAN that was a ton o fun!

Less than $10K for a big twin BMW, cool handling suspension, unique power delivery and heated grips too. I couldn't get the grin off my face. Granted I get a silly looking grin on my face when I ride any new bike but the Roadster was just so different than anything else I'd ever ridden I couldn't help but check out if I could afford another new bike.

Decided against it but whoo-waaa it was fun.

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BMW tried to do this back in the 80s with the brick series of engines. A friend of mine has two K750s and very nice bikes they are. They handle well. BMW announced that they were going to phase out the twins in favor of the bricks. Nyuck nyuck nyuck. They didn't sell. So long bricks.. hello oilheads.

BMW got badly burned because much of their public is at least as hidebound as the worst of the HD crowd. Heck, they have people who still think that anything but an airhead is not a "real BMW".

I doubt they have the courage to try to beat the Japanese in the sporting/sport-touring market. And why should they? Look at Triumph's experience. Their sportbikes are met with howls of derision, even though the howlers generally couldn't get full performance out of a Sportster 883, much less the latest CBRZXGSXwhatchamacallit.

Apparently BMW's m/c division is perfectly happy to cater to their particular niche and feels no need to take the entire world by storm. A good thing too. Nobody can beat the Japanese at their game.
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I've owned BMW's in the past and they have their niche market. I wouldn't say it was the best motorcycle I've owned nor the worse. However, with the advent of Germany no longer allying with us in the U.N. I will no longer be considering a BMW so it doesn't matter what financing they have or how well they're bikes might be made...they are no longer a choice for me. Nor will I purchase another German or Chrylser car.
here we go again

first french german potato salad

get real
remanking wrote:
B.M.W. (Bring More Weight)
The actual translation of "Bayerische Motoren Werke" is "Bring Money Withya". :) While BMW prices are competitive in the UK, BMW North America's prices can be 20% or more above the Japanese competition, with German cachet as the only apparent justification.

I once owned an R1100RS (bought used) and loved to ride it. It handled much better than the ST1100 it replaced, and the Telelever front end was great. Though the BMW was less powerful than the ST, it was also 150lb lighter, so performance was better.

But the RS was very expensive to maintain. All tolled, including tires, it cost me more than $1200 over the 12,000 mile maintenance cycle. None of the Hondas I currently own even comes close to that.

I thought it was

"Big Mexican Woman."
Definitely the financing

I stepped off an '03 100th Anniversary H-D Road King and onto an '03 R1150GS Adventure. the diffrerence in finance rates was so huge (never mind the $4k difference in price) that my payments went from

~$430/mo. to ~$220/mo.

Definitely the financing. And I got the free five months, too, which gave me time to get the Aerostich suit, nifty boots/gloves/helmet/Jesse luggage.

Lovin' it every mile.
Lighten up!!

So I guess you'll be buying HD since most of the free world opposes our actions (japan included). How dare other countries have a right to their opinion, especially one that differs from ours! Remember, unless your local BMW shop is owned by the German gov't, you're only hurting your fellow, taxpaying american. But you're a real patriot with your freedom fries.

Fellow MOiites, Sorry for political ramblings on this site. I had to get this off my chest
I just bought my first BMW because of the promotion. I've always wanted a K1200RS and now I've got one. However, after Germany's lack of support for the U.S., I'll probably sell it by the end of the summer. Sadly, this will be my first and last German made bike.
So a harley in your patriotic future? Can't buy one of the big 4, remember they attacked us 50 years ago... How about a ural... ;)
Nope, already own one along with 14 other bikes of various origins. The big 4's govt. isn't attacking us now. I don't hold grudges, I just like to vote with my dollars. It's called freedom, get some!
Re: Lighten up!!

No one is stopping you or anyone else, including U.S. BMW dealers, from moving to Germany or anywhere else outside of the U.S. So go on now?get, leave, take-a-hike, move, bye-bye. It will give us move room and less traffic congestion in the U.S. anyway. Emancipate yourself of U.S. citizenship.
Good idea! Help put some poor salesman working at the BMW dealership out of a job. That'll show them nasty Germans!
Re: Lighten up!!

No one was stopping the Colonials from moving back to England either...
Nope, that's a Russian copy of a BMW- a commie pinko Nazi U.N. non-support loserbike. A double whammy!
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