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BMW Sales Jump

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Sales were REALLY fueled by a great marketing promotion. BMW's 80th Anniversary sales event included 1.9% APR financing on '03 models (0.9% on '02's) and BMW made the first 5 monthly payments for you.
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Whoa there, remanking. In what way is a BMW 'archaic'? When the current series of boxers came out in '93, they were ( and in some cases still are) the first bikes to have:

1. Front suspension which keeps trail constant under braking, and avoids the problems of telescopic forks;

2. No cycle frame, just subframes attached to the engine unit, thus getting away from the motor-in-a-cycle we've been stuck with for the last 100 years( yes, I know about Vincents, but they don't make them any more);

3. Digital engine management systems;

4. Second generation ABS;

5. Adjustable ergonomics;

6. A catalyser;

7. Compensated parallelogram rear suspension to avoid shaft-jacking;

8. Heated grips for all -weather riding

9. The ability to actually fix a flat by the side of the road in real-world conditions

10. 50 to the gallon at a constant 80 mph in real-world conditions.

Archaic? Nobody else has even gone half-way to catching up!!!
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A BMW R1100RT 25% heavier than an ST1100 or a Glide, which are its direct competitors? Surely not. 20% bigger in mass? You mean in dimension, I think, since mass and weight are the same give or take the force of gravity, but okay, larger. It depends on the rider's size. Big guys find sportbikes a squeeze: tourers are more comfortable. 30% higher priced? Oh, PLEASE don't start me on this. Prices of bikes in the US are MUCH less than in the rest of the world, except for BMW, who charge the same price worldwide. Outside the US, BMWs are competitively priced, and hold their value better, longer.
1 - 2 of 48 Posts
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