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BMW Sales Jump

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Sales were REALLY fueled by a great marketing promotion. BMW's 80th Anniversary sales event included 1.9% APR financing on '03 models (0.9% on '02's) and BMW made the first 5 monthly payments for you.
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Thats a pretty thin argument against buying a bike or any other product. in a world economy almost every product has multiple part sources. I've had a BMW R100RT and a K100RS, both fun bike's and I may well buy another at some point. As far as the political position of other countries who said they have to agree and support us? the french have been pompous assholes for 100 years. I lived in Quebec when I was a kid and I can honestly say my opinion of them hasn't changed because of current affairs. Germans are a whole 'nuther trip but they build some fine machinery, when I get around to adding another bike to the fleet I'll at least check BMW out. (then go buy a Triumph)
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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