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BMW Sales Jump

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Sales were REALLY fueled by a great marketing promotion. BMW's 80th Anniversary sales event included 1.9% APR financing on '03 models (0.9% on '02's) and BMW made the first 5 monthly payments for you.
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Re: Lighten up!!

So they threw dumbasses like you out of it.
Re: Lighten up!!

Captain Whoopee, You're a perfect example of inbreeding at its best. You probably drive a foreign car with American flags plastered all over it to demonstrate how American you really aren't.
Re: Lighten up!!

Since when is it Un-American to have an alternate opinion? Last I checked, I had the right to voice my opinion, whatever it may be, even if it doesn't agree with yours. Who made you the US minister of information?

I drive a foreign car bought from a dealership owned by americans, staffed by americans, and who uses american shippers and vendors. So what's your point? Should I go out and buy an American car regardless of its quality or preference simply to be a flatulent "patriot" such as yourself?? I think not. BTW, why don't you do some research on your "American" car companies and see how many of their shareholders are Americans.

But no, you sir prefer to be the poster child of ignorance, regurgitating whatever crap the media tell you is American at the moment. You're such a $hithead.
Re: Lighten up!!

Are you Captain Whoopee's inbred cousin Grubee? Oh, there's the problem.
He sells Triumph too. He doesn't care which one he sells as long as he sells. So there!!!! Na, na, na, na.
Re: Lighten up!!

Well I sure can't top that most intelligent remark. Why don't you let your body emancipate itself of your brain.
Thats a pretty thin argument against buying a bike or any other product. in a world economy almost every product has multiple part sources. I've had a BMW R100RT and a K100RS, both fun bike's and I may well buy another at some point. As far as the political position of other countries who said they have to agree and support us? the french have been pompous assholes for 100 years. I lived in Quebec when I was a kid and I can honestly say my opinion of them hasn't changed because of current affairs. Germans are a whole 'nuther trip but they build some fine machinery, when I get around to adding another bike to the fleet I'll at least check BMW out. (then go buy a Triumph)
Re: Lighten up!!

I do it all the's called motorcycle riding! In a language you can understand, "The thingy with two wheels on it pa."
Wow you must have some bad luck with maintenance. My R1100RSLA hasn't cost anywhere near that figure even including gas used!

Take care,

Re: Definitely the financing

How's it running now?

Whoa there, remanking. In what way is a BMW 'archaic'? When the current series of boxers came out in '93, they were ( and in some cases still are) the first bikes to have:

1. Front suspension which keeps trail constant under braking, and avoids the problems of telescopic forks;

2. No cycle frame, just subframes attached to the engine unit, thus getting away from the motor-in-a-cycle we've been stuck with for the last 100 years( yes, I know about Vincents, but they don't make them any more);

3. Digital engine management systems;

4. Second generation ABS;

5. Adjustable ergonomics;

6. A catalyser;

7. Compensated parallelogram rear suspension to avoid shaft-jacking;

8. Heated grips for all -weather riding

9. The ability to actually fix a flat by the side of the road in real-world conditions

10. 50 to the gallon at a constant 80 mph in real-world conditions.

Archaic? Nobody else has even gone half-way to catching up!!!
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Re: Lighten up!!

the last i heard(some of harley's engines use pistons made in germany.....also don't forget where the v-rod motor was designed)

i don't think that the japanese are on board either

pretty soon you be walkin boy !!!
Look how she runs.

There is a *slight* low-speed surge, BUT

1) the Adventure model has a significantly shorter first gear than the standard 1150GS (and the rest of the R-bikes, as well) so even when my road speed is realy slow, I am turning the engine quickly enough to keep out of surge territory. I other words, I have to be going about 2-6mph to notice any surge on my bike. Even then it has to be steady speed; accelerating through the low-speed stuff produces no Even at 6-7mph it smoothes out. Literally, the only time it surfaces is when I am crawling at walking pace in bumper-to-bumoer traffic, which I've since learned to avoid by learning side roads.

2) My dealer has two of about 28 BMW Certified Master Techs in North America, and a good wrench can dial it in really well. They have told me not to fiddle with it until the bike is entirely broken in, which is apparently around the 12-15k mile mark on these R-bikes.

But how often to I stay at that low speed, really? The shorter first gear (shorter sixth, too) are for more tractability off-road, since the Adventure is the really "butch"version of the bike.

In short, she runs great at 4k miles in a month-and-a-half. Wouldn't quite give my left one for this bike, but I didn't have to. Now I have this crazy idea to pick up a used F650 and motard it for more twisty-fun-day stuff. Of course, I also hve an idea to cafe the heck out of a two-year-old R1200C. But this Adventure is really all teh bike I could *need.*
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To be clear then: Because BMW doesn't make a sportbike they are archaic? Kinda like saying Ferrari really should be dismissed because they don't make a SUV, right?

Dude, ride whatever you want, there are plenty of great bikes to choose from (and some of them aren't even BMWs!) but don't spout off about things you don't know. Better yet, take a Beemer for a demo ride some time. Who knows, you might even like it. If you don't, no sweat, but at least you'll be making an informed decision.

As for BMW not making a sportbike, my big 'n heavy R1150GS does an excellent sportbike impersonation, just ask the R1 and 'blade mounted squids I pass every weekend. Doin' a track day later this month . . .
No, the Ural!
Get ready, freedom-lover, here comes a clue: You already bought the BMW. The Germans already have your money. Selling it to someone else won't change that.
Re: Lighten up!!

Don't mind walkin' as long as I'm wearin' my "Made in America" Red Wing Boots. Besides, walking is healthy.
Wow, that is an intelligent comment. How did you come up with that? I'd of never thought of that. You must be one of them smart Frenchies.
Sorry, I was referring to already owning a Harley. I wouldn't buy crap like a Ural. I don't believe anyone should buy U.S. only. Without competition we'd all be riding crap.
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