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As a counterpoint.

I crashed my previous set of gear. When I came to look at replacing it, I'm looking at more than $800, probably closer to $900 (top-line IXS gear).

Problem with Aerostich: add up the accessories that come standard with the BMW (CE armor including backpad, liner, true waterproofing, neck gater and so on) and you'll add substantially to the base price.

And it still doesn't have the XCR Goretex. Which does work: I've had an XCR snowmobile suit for 2 season now, and it works as advertised, venting out moisture very quickly.

As well, Stich suits are very stiff to start with, and are not as waterproof as you'd expect.

My riding typically takes place in temperatures under 94 F, so this would obviate the need for my mesh jacket and pants, another saving.

Finally, you get the pleasure of keeping BMW and their dealers in business. This makes me a lot less happy: if the suit was sold via general distribution channels, the price would be substantially cheaper.

Priced against Dainese (another 'name' brand), the suit isn't that bad either. IIRC, when I was shopping the latest Dainese Goretex jacket, it came in at $675. Add backpad and the neck gator, and it will be bumping up against the $800 mark.

Having worn (and crashed in) some of the more affordable brands out there, I'm more prepared to spend the money to get decent quailty.
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