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Arizona heat???

Just one little item to point out:

I know a little about heat, being a Phoenix area resident for the last 8 years and riding every day all year round.

94F in AZ is **NOT** remotely hot. It's quite pleasant, actually. And below 90 is almost chilly. Something about that ultra-low humidity we get here; 100F here is about equivilant to 88F in say, Chicago, as far as perceived discomfort.

So if you want to test gear in AZ heat, you need to pick a day where it's at least over 105F! Anywhere around Phoenix / Tucson / Yuma in AZ during June / July / Aug should work as long as the elevation is not too high. The inland deserts in CA are good too, the Palm Springs area for example is truly hot.....

But until I can see the gear works better than stuff like Joe Rocket's Phoenix and Alter-Ego gear in the 115F AZ summer heat I deal with every day, I'm not gonna be sold on $1200 worth of gear!
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