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Hi all,

I road tested the R1150RT a couple of months ago after they first came out and all I can say is WOW!!! I'm definately not a sport-bike type, and my main purpose for a new bike would be twofold: 1) Commute back and forth to work on 4-seasons. 2) Quick trips up into the Sierra Nevada with my wife on the back. My commute to work is relatively free of stop-and-go, and speeds are consistant 65+ MPH so the extra bodywork of the RT won't be an issue like it would be for those who split traffic. It seems very much like riders these days are somewhat spoiled by all of the high horsepower big-bore sport bkes out there. Nothing wrong with this mind you, it's just that a bike like the R1150RT is faster than the original "superbikes" of yesteryear such as the Z1 900. Nowadays 93HP makes for just another ho-hum dreary slow bike. If I want to go fast I'll drive my '95 Mustang Cobra R-model. For a bike, I want wind protection, reliability, sure-footed confidence inspiring handling, good gas mileage, and a bike that will carry two people in comfort for 3-hour rides up into the mountains. For me, from what I've seen and experienced so far, the R1150RT fits the bill very well. Also, I would tend to agree that you're better off spending the extra $2k to buy the bike you really want. Yes, I was a starving student once, but I'm not anymore. I don't need the 145HP that the FJ1300 offers, and it doesn't have bodywork that extends out to cover the hands. The ST1300 is very nice, but when will it ever make it to the states? My test ride of the R1150RT proved to me that it is a wonderfully built bike with excellent engineering and the best ergonomics out there. I'm sold on this bike. As soon as the time is right for me financially I'm gonna make my way down to the BMW dealer and buy one (gotta finish the race car first though!).

Perry (CobraRGuy)
1 - 1 of 86 Posts
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