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BMW Twins Reader Feedback

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Again, First Post, so now we can all keep things on topic, thanks :)
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Re: Retro Airhead?

errr. Isn't there an emissions issue? Cool idea though. Dirt only might work.
I was talking about affordable BMW's, and I wanted to establish that I much prefer the idea of a twin over the F650 (which everyone recommends when I say I want a small, affordable BMW).

On a side note, the F650GS is $8100! A 650 single! BMW _really_ has a problem with overpricing. I'll never see a $7000 twin if their single is over 8k...
Time For A Comparo!

It's time for an opposed twin comparo! Bikes (standards) should include:

- BMW R1150R

- MotoGuzzi California V11

- Ural Bavarian

And, just for comparison:

- Marusho Lilac

- Douglas Dragonfly

I'm looking forward to it. Oh yes, April Fool...
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Re: Don

re: I think they could sell at least as many 800cc air-cooled retro standards as Triumph

Unlikely. 1960s BMWs were never viewed as desirable performance machines like the Bonnie, Lightning, Interceptor, or Atlas. (I learned to ride in the 1960s, and I wanted/craved/obsessed over a Bonnie. And I was not alone by any means.) The new Bonnies are sold out in most dealerships. Nostalgia at a great price, and Triumph is not cannibalizing its current models to sell them (other than perhaps the Legend and Thunderbird). It's much less likely that BMW could pull the same thing off without affecting F650 sales at a minimum.

Now, I have been wrong before...but no BMW model ever had the popular appeal of the Bonneville.

Hank Murphy

1999 Triumph Tiger "Full Moon"
I am stupid, don't read my stuff

I am stupid, don't read my stuff
Re: Time For A Comparo!

Hahahaha...good joke ;-) And how about we have a "wide-angle longitudinal V-twin test" as well? A Virago 250 vs an RC51.
I wanted a BMW in 1976. Wound up buying a Goldwing instead ($3500 vs $5000). Been wondering for over 20 years. Two years ago, I bought a used BMW. Been smiling for the last two years.
I don't think you're going to see the FJR for 10k, more like 13K, same with Futura at 12-13K.

Still makes the Connie seem good for the wallet.
Yep. I've always been very interested in their technology, but my gawd, where do they get their designers? (Actually wanted to talk to Barry about some things I read in MCN re F650 mechanical problems.) Though you have to admire BMW for always going their own way and not blatently ripping off other company's designs. (Unlike some other companies.)
Re: BMW Problems

I freely admit that I don't know much about BMWs, but I always thought they were well built & the service was good. I was therefor surprised when I got my first issue of MCN & there were numerous letters about BMW problems & lousy factory support. Is this really common?
Re: Opposed twin engines

easy on the caps lock
I was waiting for BMW to come out with something like the 1150 roadster.

Finally a BMW open air bike thats also a pretty sharp looker. Too bad

I bought a Buell in 2000. Well maybe I'll find some money somewhere and

if the test ride is good... 85 hp and a six speed . I'm in just as soon

as the money comes. Nice styling. Two thumbs up.
Who said it would be Bonnie fans buying them...

people who love Meriden Triumphs either still own one or have bought a Hinckley Triumph of some kind because they got tired of fiddling with it. Some of them will buy the new Bonnie but other Hinckleys appeal to those who want a Britbike with at least an approximation of high performance even if Triumph hasn't wrestled any crotchrocket titles away from the Japanese. I'm one of those myself. I'd rather have my T'bird than any 2 Japanese cruisers or standards that may have little to fault on paper but the personality of a Panasonic upright.

BMW does IMO have a legendary marque to capitalize on, and a retrobike would appeal to many of the same type of people who like Z3 roadsters for example. Though sales of sports cars are slacking off with the stock market fall, BMW's 4-wheeled neo-retro roadster has been overwhelmingly the most successful of all BMW cars ever made meeting the purists' definition of a "sports car." A retro-boxer would be a lot more affordable though, so I think it would sell well even with the NASDAQ down. Like you, I've been wrong before too ;-)
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What? Not even with Harrison Ford riding it. n/t
Yeah, that R1150 standard looks like a cool bike. Torquey engine, good riding position, and BMW quality. Speaking of the quality issue, I read somewhere that several city police outfits are buying BMW's because, in the long run, with maintenance and repair costs figured in, the BMW's are cheaper.

Yes indeed, the features make my mouth water. Unfortunately, the styling makes my eyes water. The rest of the bike doesn't look too bad, and I could probably live with the odd front swingarm, but that front fender looks like CRAP. Somebody should tell the stylist that the fender belongs

UNDER the fork brace, with the pivot on top, and maybe a little chrome acorn nut. Different may be better, but that doesn't mean that normal is bad.
Rode the new R1150 Roadster yesterday! Styling is much improved, in my opinion, though sort of mantis-like front, it's new tech different.

No clone here!

Brakes are simply incredible. When you brake hard, these binders seem to sink teeth into the pavement. These may set a new standard in stopping power on a street bike. Very impressed. I'll have more info after a longer test ride.

California Highway Patrol purchased BMWs to replace their Kawasakis which they purchased to replace their Harleys which they purchased to replace their Kawasakis. They only put about 50,000 miles on a bike before they sell it at auction. I think all the manufactures can build bikes to last 50,000 miles. Where the Harley and probably the BMW shine is in the resale. The used police Harleys were selling in auction for about $4,000-$5,000 while the Kwackers were only bringing in about $1500.
There are no pumps on the F650GS and the electronics are relatively simple.

Re: Opposed twin engines

There are several brands through time with the opposed twin besides BMW. There are Russian and Chinese built and yes durring WWII Harley built a military issue replica of a BMW because in Africa the Harleys couldn't handle the sand or the heat.
Oregon and California Police BMW's are achieving far in excess of 100k and still kicking this shows what routine maintenance can do from a good technician the police departments will go all over state to a good dealership one that can maintain the bikes properly.

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