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Bob Bergman's Dakar Diary

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First Post!! Interesting reading for someone who doesn't know anything about Dakar. Wish we had good TV coverage here. It would be something to see.
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Truly an inspiring read Steve. Thanks for the link. After reading Bob's account of the daily grind during this years Dakar, it makes me feel like a real pus$y for whining after a 350 mile day in a non race ride in Baja. VWW
Last post....

...for now.
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You leaving us?
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No such luck. I just figured that being the last post on a thread is as "cool" as being the first post.
Ye Gaddsssssssssssss

Ye Gaddsssssssssssss

Makes me tired just reading it, I can not imagine running this race.

Wish Americans were more into motorcycle racing like the Europeans. Guess it's because they actually ride their bikes everywhere and most American motorcyclist only ride every other weekend.

Great read!!
Spend more time at the gym. Next time it'll be no sweat.
Yeah, and I'll be comfortable riding YSR 50 too. VWW
Re: Last post....

Okay, Joe!

You so funnee!
Re: Ye Gaddsssssssssssss

maybe the arm chap guys ride every other weeekend, guys I know ride all the time.

That might be that 'cause I only hang around with people like me.........
Thats just plain insanity, anyone with the ability to do the Dakar has serious balls.

Congrats to all of them.
Incredible story...took me over an hour, but what a great time! I was flying through camel grass, 100 foot dunes, rock fields, and choking up red dust before I finished reading!! If you've ever loved dirt bikes, this is a MUST READ!
Thanks Steven. Great read.

Like the BMW4VWW man, I too feel humbled by this story. What an event, like the "Iron Man" of motorcycling.

I liked the part where Bergman fell into some "hole" (in a sand dune), and had to get out of it with centrifugal force. On a 300 lb 950cc motorcycle, no less. Phew.

Hmmm, not too many posts on this off-road deal, eh? Maybe if someone entered a cruiser or 600 sports bike in the Dakar Rally, we’d see more MO participation.

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Heh, I guess now we know why the Dakar gets such little coverage in the U.S.

Maybe Bob Berbman's and Charlie Rauseo's stories will be the spark that starts new flames of off-road moto passion...

Maybe they're just a couple of lonely candles in the great wind blown by cruisers and super sports.
I hope so. Man, I'm even thinking of getting one of those 950 Adventurer Katooms, put some knobbies on it...go looking for KX500s to smoke.
One of the reviews I read the knobbies dont help much as they cant keep the rear wheel from spinning up (less likely to wash the front of course though). They also mentioned the ability to whick it up over the ton on dirt tends to become a dangerous habit.
I'm still grinning from a test ride 6 months ago. A KLR that f'n rips... Then again I'm drooling over the hope that the SuperMoto version hits the US shores this year.
All I can say is.. what an amazing thing to do and as a privateer as well. The tv coverage (what little there was) dosen't even give an inkling of the feat. Truly f'n amazing
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