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Bonneville Feedback

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Does anyone know where I can see a picture of the new Bonnie in green?
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When is someone going to ride one and how much will this bike cost? My Commando has served me well since 1974, this looks like a well thought out update of the Brit bikes of the past, but is it hype or is there some real value in the motorcycle beyond a graphic resemblance to it''s famous ancestor?
I ordered a new Bonnie back in December like many others did. The dealer said to expect a mid-january delivery.My dealer then changed to mid-feb. I talked to them this week and they don't have a clue when the bike will be here.I tried contacting Triumph Motorcycles America Ltd.Peachtree Ga. on the 800# the 1 700 631 9500 no# and tried to send a fax to the no# in the Triumph brochure. No one home 800 was dissconnected,fax would not answer.Regular line just rings.

I was wondering if anyone has taken delivery or knows when to expect delivery of the now famous Bonneville 790. Hype and promotion are great but where's the BEEF?
Amen to the 700lb V-Twins that can't take a dirt road........In high school I was on my third bike and that was a 1967 Bonneville, it was 1 year old when I got it.....WOW did I have fun on that marvelous machine! There's nothing like a British motorcycle. I took the top end off with a crescent wrench......OH LORD....what was I thinking? I put it back together and never had a problem.....I'm looking for my #8 or #9 bike, can't quite recall........but it's going to be a Triumph......Keep the rubber down and the chrome up!

David Crisford

Waxahachie, TX
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