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dude, shut the up.

These guys [who we've come to even kinda like a little, not for their professionalism (sorry guys), but for their _personal_ characters, for their dedication and enthusiasm, and because they grok the fact that motorcycles are toys, not tools] have just lost their cat, and you use the opportunity to whine about being "imposed on" - gimme a break - nobody's imposing anything on you.

Death imposed itself on their pet, and you're feeling sorry for yourself because this site doesn't have some dry boring like a "TDC" column? Have some respect, some perspective, and act like a man, instead of yet another whining victim.

You pewling looser.

Take a big throbbing hint - there is no "we." Look at the posts replying to your pitiful whine - you'll find that you're one of the sad, put-upon few.

The more this site begins to resemble brit and euro motorcycle mags, the more it's about the enthusiasm and giddy rush, the more it brings humour and personality to the party, in short, the more it's like Performance Bikes, and the less it's like Cycle World (or any of the other 20 boring stateside mag's I I don't even bother to look at anymore), the happier 90% of MO's readers are going to be.

If you want to read some boring, pretentious prattle like Cycle World, hie the to the newsstand and on your way there, learn to have some respect for others. Then maybe you'll begin to behave in a respectible way.

Maybe then we won't have to listen to any more of this "poor me, I saw something I didn't like" piffle.

Oh, and minime, hackfu et. al., sorry for your loss.
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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