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Re: IT

Ya know, that sounds not un-like the powerband in a two-stroke!... uh-oh... there's that 'dirty' topic again! ;)

The reason I still ride 2-smokers is precisely for the rush at the powerband... I've often wondered if you could duplicate that with a turbo on a 4-stroker... hmmm... sounds like 'yes'?

And yes, whoever was saying that any sudden rush in power might upset cornering, yes... true.. but it is manageable... gotta be very careful w/the throttle. When I've let friends ride my strokers, they always start off and say "hey man.. where's the powwweeeeeRRRRRRRRRRR..OOOHHH SHIIIIII...."...

and this happens invariably while leaned over.. forcing them wide.

Hence, no one gets to ride 'em outside of a big parking lot the first time on. ;)


P.S.: yes, before any 'turbo-bikers' out there tell me that their turbo-gixer-RR-ninja eats two-strokes... fine.. whatever.. I'm just making the point about the 'hit' and what it does in a corner if you're not used to it.
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