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Borile B500CR Feedback

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where's the headlight?
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Ditto for me. GSXR1000's are cool but a 55hp couple hundred pound bike with stickey tires would be quite the hoot!
Re: 90HP weakling :cool:

Yeah, I'm would not be a fan of limiting hp because I do like the feeling of big accelleration after the ton but, realistically speaking, I don't do all that much of that.. well sorta not much :)

HOWEVER, T'would be cool if manufactures brought out some funky singles. I read an article on this guy who souped up an SRX600 - bored out to 660, higher compression nice suspension/tires etc, and ended up on the light side of 300lbs (i think). Man that bike was a looker and even at only 60 hp, it would go and handle like nothing this side of an FZR400.

Prob is, everyone wants the big numbers (must admit that's one reason I bought the old 1100 gsxr - I'm older, somewhat wiser and much more sore now). It would be nice if someone would take the chance and build what we're looking for... Triumph, you listening????
Nope, buell used a 10,000 lb hardly engine and attempted to do the same thing for a rather large price tag. Don't get me wrong, Buells look cool and go pretty fast but they're not the same at all.

Let's get some cool, super light weight singles with loads of brakes and suspension for some serious riding - easier to fix if you crash too ;-)
Hmmm, good point. I just didn't think the Blast was in the same league. This bike appears to be for enthusiasts whilst the Blast was an anemic small bike for entry level riders. Oops!
Re: Good point

That's a great idea! We all read about guys in Italy doing nifty stuff yet we should get off our bunz and do something too. I've got this old XL500 hangin about - some Avon Gripsters and... we'll see.

What about you... ?
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