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Borile B500CR Feedback

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where's the headlight?
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It's way cool for anyone to build there own bike! And this one looks fun. But to compare Borile's endeavours with those of John Britten's is almost sacreligious! Britten developed a suspension that neither Japan, italy or germany had even thought of. And why didn't anybody else figure out that by simply mounting the radiator under the seat you would benefit greatly from maximized pressure drop. (I've seen some copy cat versions of this recently but Brittens was the first) How many 100s of millions of $$$ do you think the big companies spend to come up with the latest technology. I've read that BMW invested $100M just to develop the cam-in-head RS series engine alone. Few know that John Britten was a functional illiterate and genious at the same time. I would venture to say that Honda (for instance) would probably have to spend several hundred million $$$ to do what John Britten did.

His death was a tremendous loss to the motorcycle world and perhaps noone else will ever have the vision he did.

Rock on!
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1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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