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Borile B500CR Feedback

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where's the headlight?
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Scare up a XR650R (liquid-cooled) motor somewhere, and contact BCD Fabrication ( They make frames for Ducati motors, but they might consider a trellis frame for a nice thumper. It won't be cheap though...look at the prices on their Duc frame kits.
What's your point about the dukes?

That they are selling, or are not selling? Dukes are totally ugly, but in a cool way. Same with the MZ black panther and bhagira. Totally ugly, totally cool. I don't care much for pretty bikes. GB500s are nice, but not terribly exciting.
I think they were talking 'bout the Buell Blast, which is a 492cc thumper.
HELLO!!!!!! MZ?

If anybody is interested in a slick-looking street thumper with a killer motor, brakes and suspension, look no further then the local MZ dealer. The Skorpion Cup lists for $5795 new- less than an SV650, and you don't have to sink a grand into the suspension to make it safe to ride! Plus it's lighter and is designed to be ridden fast on bumpy, twisty roads.

It's almost like stealing, really:

Tigcraft frame

Yamaha 660 Liquid cooled single (unobtainable in the US, unless you buy a Raptor Quad)

Paioli/Boge Suspension. (Ducati uses Boge)

"Shoot you over the bars" Grimeca brakes

Full fairing.

It would easily cost you $20,000 to do this on your own.

The downside is a little buzziness and a pretty marked lack of power, especially if you've grown up on over-powered busses like most US sportriders. But for $1500, you can bump up compression, replace the exhaust, get new cams and carbs, and pow! 60 RWHP! And get creative with Mr. Hacksaw, and now you're under 350 pounds. That's 5.8 pounds per HP- not great, but at least in

VFR territory- and does anybody think a VFR accellerates slowly?

I wish I hadn't sold mine, but I ride with a fast crowd, and couln't keep up without gearing the bike to the moon. Maybe someday I'll get another. But more people should look at the MZ, it's a good company and they deserve that much.
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Build your own

The styling can't be duplicated but a Honda CR500 engine will fit into a Suzuki GS500 with ease, not to mention lighter weight and better handling. (This swap has been done but I won't tell by who given large displacement 2 strokes are illeagal on the street. Thank you Ralph Nator)

Sorry about the spelling it is late.
Yeah, this bike has a LOT more ponies. There's a big difference between 25hp and 50hp. And I think the Buell is a helluva lot uglier, but that's just my opinion.

A better comparison is the BMW F650GS, another 50hp thumper meant for the street more than off-road.
The curvy tube frame always looked strange to me, but the concept sounds good. I agree that the MuZ Skorpion Tour might be a more practical version of that idea, but the more the merrier.

Yossef Schvantz... didn't he do articles on the Vespa ET2 and ET4? How's the ET2 doing? Do they have a 125 cc version of the stratified-charge 2-stroke engine yet?
The Borile still has a 100 pound weight advantage. (n/t)
Hmmm, good point. I just didn't think the Blast was in the same league. This bike appears to be for enthusiasts whilst the Blast was an anemic small bike for entry level riders. Oops!
Re: Good point

That's a great idea! We all read about guys in Italy doing nifty stuff yet we should get off our bunz and do something too. I've got this old XL500 hangin about - some Avon Gripsters and... we'll see.

What about you... ?
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