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Re: Why there are no AMA Hondas in the WSBK race.

There are subtle differences in WSBK and the AMA Superbikes, one is fuel, the World guys have to run basically "pump gas". While the AMA allows us to run VP, Nutec, etc.. even at the supersport level.

The fuel injection moduels and throttle bodies differ on occasion to.

There are Homologation standards, paper work and fees to homologate certain parts or bikes. Not all Manufacturers do it everywhere. Harley is not homologated for WSBK. The new "testastretta" Ducati motor is not AMA legal. And Honda has a different frame the run in WSBK. The rules also state that you have to have a seperate machine for each race. It may be the difference in frame that kept #17 and #69 from running the WSBK race. Not sure of the difference but they would only have a few practice sessions to sort it out.

One thing I can't figure out is why Mladin isnt in the WSBK Race.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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