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Bostrom Faster than GP Riders

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Re: Bostrom and Ducati are Faster than Haga and his Yamaha

First post beeatches! Bostrom rules! GP's will be great this year. It would be way more fun to ride a GP bike. More power and minus 60 pounds! It's hard to imagine Yamaha not taking the title.

Haga's time makes me wonder if he's on the juice again??????
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Re: Bostrom and Ducati are Faster than Haga and his Yamaha

Uhhh...the whole point is that Bostrom is turning faster lap times than the best GP riders...

...on a Superbike!
Re: Bostrom and Ducati are Faster than Haga and his Yamaha

Yeah, "the juice." Steroids and more body weight would be great for a rider! Too bad Haga's time isn't that great. You'll note it's not even faster that the top Superbike times. Personally, I'm impressed by the Proton KR3 bike being so close to the top of the list. Sure, it's 9th but it's only a .625 off of Rossi, and he proved last year he was the fastest rider out there(taking the partial season into account). It's nice to see King Kenny's team at least semi-competitive, even if it is early.
Re: Bostrom and Ducati are Faster than Haga and his Yamaha

Look at those times! Close times mean one thing: competition and better bikes. I'm just waiting for the (insert 600cc sportbike here) guys to start saying that this brand sucks or that brand rules. I love it!

When you're talking about hundredths of a second, we all benefit! Except the ones who crash and burn, that is....
Re: Bostrom and Ducati are Faster than Haga and his Yamaha

Here goes Bostrom again. 1 fast lap and he becomes god.

As the season unfolds he will be fast on occaisions and most times 7-12th.

Another Mike Hale.
People like you are too negative

Sure buddy, right. Bostrom isn't as gung ho as bayliss to fly into a corner before he knows it well. As hard of a track as Brands Hatch is, it took Bostrom two races to run the same times as the leaders, but by then it was too late. THis season, he may not do as good as Bayliss, but I bet he does well.... Atleast top five. I am going for 3rd at the end of the season.
Re: Bostrom and Ducati are Faster than Haga and his Yamaha

who the hell is Jurgen Vd Goorbergh?

Who in the hell is Jurgen Vd Goorbergh? And what is he riding? A Proton? Never heard of either. Any info, anyone?
Re: who the hell is Jurgen Vd Goorbergh?

To find more, try

or take a look at

Brief summary, he is a dutch rider, who rode for MuZ in 1999 (often faster than Cadalora), rode a twin Honda in 2000 (being the best twin rider) and for 2001 rides the 3 cilinder Proton (former Modenas) KR3 of Kenny Robert Sr.

Proton is a Malaysian car brand, and main sponsor of the team by the way.
Re: Bostrom and Ducati are Faster than Haga and his Yamaha

first off, head to head a grand prix bike would make mincemeat out of a superbike.

a superbike maybe could run with a 250 grand prix, whose times are just a second or 2 slower than the 500's, just like superbike times.

dude, if you think a superbike could come close to a grand prix bike, you're setting yourself up to be made a fool of. i wouldn't read too much into bostrom's times. there are certain tracks where all the performance of a 500 cannot be used. lesser bikes that run WFO(superbikes) can then be close or equal.
Re: Bostrom and Ducati are Faster than Haga and his Yamaha

Lap times during testing mean nothing.. when it comes to race day is when it counts.. Just ask Bostrom last year at this same track when he got took by Haga in Race 2. Lets face it.. Superbike is crap now and GP's is where its at.. There isnt a single rider in WSBK that is really worth tuning into speedvision to watch... but check out GP's.. they have Haga, Rossi, McCoy, Biaggi, Checa, Abe, Roberts, Walker, Criville, Capirossi, etc..
You fool

You are dictating that a bike with less horsepower is a "lesser bike" I can show you plenty of tracks where a 250 will be faster than a GP500 or Superbike.

There's more to racing than the straightaways buddy.

Criville worth watching?

Buddy, if you believe everyone thinks Criville, Capirossi Abe and Checa are worth tuning into you are mistaken. In fact even Roberts Jr, bless his soul is kinda on the boring side as a rider and personality. McCoy, spectacular as he is puts me to sleep in interviews.Biaggi and Checa havn't done shyt for 2 years. There are some good guys in Gp (Rossi, Haga McCoy etc) but Wsb has good guys too, like Bayliss, Edwards, Hodgson, Xaus and yes, Bostrom. Enjoy both series man, cuz with 6 billion people on earth there is enough great riders out there for both series.
Re: Criville worth watching?

Ok, so Criville is a putz.. but I didnt even mention Nakano and Jacque.. Lets face it.. nobody in WSBK is as exciting to watch as Haga, McCoy, Rossi... Corser.. boring, Bayliss, boring.. Edwards.. snore.. Chili.. ok, Bostrom.. ok.. other than that.. who has chance at the title now that Fogarty and Haga are out? And who watches racing for the interviews? And next year when they have the 4 strokes in GP? All those riders and all those bikes? WSBK's days are numbered.
Re: who the hell is Jurgen Vd Goorbergh?

Thanks for the web page link in your reply. Even if our man with the ? did not look at it I did and enjoyed da info.
Re: Criville worth watching?

Oh come on now, there are plenty of interesting racers to watch in any MC racing series. There's always plenty of passing, and great last minute action.

Or do you just think it isn't worth watching because Yamaha pulled out of WSBK (Mr. Demon R1).

I think AMA 600 racing is more exciting than most superbike racing, because there is rarely somebody running away early in the race (which does happen pretty often in SBK and 500GP).

What really makes GP more exciting, is not the caliber of the competition, but the volatility of the machines themselves (highest power to weight ration, and hardest to ride).
Re: Bostrom and Ducati are Faster than Haga and his Yamaha

I f you noticed the 125 times were better than the 500's, thats not saying there a faster or better bike. Just like some races in the Superbikes, the 600's have better times, its more of an indicator of track type NOT the bike configuration. If you ever ride a 2stroke you know the power! Just relax and Enjoy them all
Re: Bostrom and Ducati are Faster than Haga and his Yamaha

It's easy to criticize a racer from a comfy easy chair, it's hard to do what any[/b] of them do. But since one has to race at some level to realize this, you're forgiven. Personally, I'd give my left nut to ride like any one of the Bostrom brothers...
Re: Criville worth watching?

I don't care what machine is the hardest to ride. Who's the fastest? The point of the highest levels of racing (cars, or any motorsports) is that they should be clearly and substantially faster than "production" based machinery. To me F1 car racing can be somewhat boring because of the lack of passing, but the clearly faster lap times, amazing technology and ferocious speeds makes up for it. The supposed highest level of motorcycle roadracing is GP bikes, and they should spank WSBK, any track, any time.
Re: You fool

don't speak until you're spoken to, son. i was talking to someone who had half an idea of what racing was all about, not you, who knows nothing
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