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Bostrom Faster than GP Riders

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Re: Bostrom and Ducati are Faster than Haga and his Yamaha

First post beeatches! Bostrom rules! GP's will be great this year. It would be way more fun to ride a GP bike. More power and minus 60 pounds! It's hard to imagine Yamaha not taking the title.

Haga's time makes me wonder if he's on the juice again??????
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Re: who the hell is Jurgen Vd Goorbergh?

if you havent heard of either of them, you must not pay attention to much gp racing. Goorgergh used to ride a honda twin, and even though it is slow and not really that competitive, it never stopped him from stomping on faster v4 bikes. in fact he was so good, that honda offered him a v4 this year, but he couldnt raise the cash to lease it. and the proton/modenas is king kenny roberts gp team.
Re: Criville worth watching?

if you think those guys are boring, then you didnt watch any races last year, they made wsb look like a second rate support series. gp's kicked ass last year and i hope will do so again this year.
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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