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Bostrom Faster than GP Riders

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Re: Bostrom and Ducati are Faster than Haga and his Yamaha

First post beeatches! Bostrom rules! GP's will be great this year. It would be way more fun to ride a GP bike. More power and minus 60 pounds! It's hard to imagine Yamaha not taking the title.

Haga's time makes me wonder if he's on the juice again??????
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Re: Bostrom and Ducati are Faster than Haga and his Yamaha

The track was a bit cold on the 26th and the 27th it rained from 14.00 onwards.

Bostrom and the other Ducati's did their times with qualifiers, while the GP guys are just testing stuff (KR's: Aerodynamics) on normal race tyres wich aren't fooked up after 3 laps.

So even vdGoorbergh wasn't on the limit and he had a big crash monday. Criville is still recovering from a hand injury and Rossi got the Flu.

How's bostrom gonna do in those conditions?
Re: who the hell is Jurgen Vd Goorbergh?

With the MuZ he scored two pole positions and on the twin he was the best privateer for two years in a row.

He was offered a Honda NSR500 2001 for this year, but cheap Dutch fook ups as we are, he couldn't get enough money. But he had the contract from KR unsigned in his pocket already.
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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