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Brands Hatch Track Information

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I watched the British Formula One Grand Prix there in 1982, the first, and so far, only Grand Prix I've ever witnessed. It's an amazing track in beautiful countryside. I would love to go back and watch a Superbike race there.

Go Troy Corser!
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Thank you!

This is exactly what I had asked for. I'm amazed that no other site (even FIM's own) can find the time to post this kind of info.

I guess Hodgson really has a chance to come out on top this round.
I think that Superbike lap record may now be out of date - but I wouldn't swear to it. I think John Reynolds broke it again while trying to catch Steve Hislop in Race 1 at the British Superbike meeting in June this year.

Ken Haylock
You going to Indy someday for the F1 race?

I'll be there for the 2nd time this September :)

Great facility.

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Try This

If you're looking for this type of information it is available at the Superbike World Championship Official Site

It is a little hard to find the track/circuit information but it is there. If you use the above URL when you get there, click the flag along the top for the current round (British flag, even says "Brands Hatch" as you position the mouse over it.) Then along the left there should be an entry that says "2001 Championship" and under that "Calendar and Circuit". If you click that "Calendar and Circuit" you get the calendar, and each even has a link for the track, which if you click will give you the track length, current lap record holders. Past winners can be found elsewhere.

As I said already, its there, but not very easy to follow. Most race preview stories list this kind of information, so I usually wait until I read one of those. I think a picture of the track layout would also be helpful.
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